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atrenghttraining for JKD different then for mma?

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    Sorry, I should have explained the push ups.

    Lie the KB down so the handle is on the floor.

    Place both hands on the round bell so that they are very close together and complete a push up.

    Basically it's like a push up where you have your hands in close together under your chest.

    If you don't have much experience with KB's then what Dragondoor are suggesting is correct. Swings and TGU's (TGU's are awesome by the way so do them at least 2x a week) will help you learn the movements needed for building onto other exercises.

    If you like, it's similar to learning footwork in boxing so that you can then develop a foundation to work your skills on.

    Remember, the exercises can be challenging if not done correctly and that needs to be the most important thing when first training with KB's. Form and correct technique will mean you get the most out of your KB's and prevent injury.

    Yes you do need 2 KB's for the second routine, you could always change that day with a training session from the brutal workout instead.

    Hope this helps and good luck.


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      Hy WildWest

      Thanks for explaining the push-ups, now I understand.
      And yes, I think you have to have a good form, so the basic must be good.
      Thats even so with training with a barbell etc.
      I know a lott off people who just start with to many weights and bad form just to let others see how trong they are..
      Again, thanks for all the information and take care.


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        I don't think weight training is any different for martial artists than for anyone else.
        Squats, deadlifts, bench presses, standing presses, rows, curls, chins, dips, shrugs.
        Do not overtrain, but train in such a way as to gain strength.


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          Hello Fenwick99

          Thanks for reacting, but I think its not true what you are sayiing.
          When you train bodybuilding or strongman your body can rest in between the routines.
          When you are a martial artist there are always more thinks to train, like kicking and punching the heavy bag, running, sparring etc.


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            Possibly Fenwick but it is how you train and what you are training for that is the difference.