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  • I want to learn JFJKD

    Oh the urge pulses through me like the need to breathe.
    I have always wanted to learn this style. I've bought books on it like The Tao of Jeet Kune Do and Bruce Lee's Commentaries of the Martial Way.
    Though I have only just bought them and skimmed through them, I wanted to know what are my chances of learning this style? It would be my first. (although I do have fighting experience, I haven't been in any classes)
    Ive seen online classes like Tommy Carruthers but after seeing someone calling his online course a scam I was completely scared away from it at least until I could get some more information. I live in Austin, Texas, and I wanna know where I can learn JFJKD. If its is a good idea to do it online, then what school do you all recommend? And is JFJKD a good style for real life situations? With all this MMA shit being talked, I just want clarity on why they would say it is not useful in the real world. The hand trapping for example.
    So long story short. I love martial arts, I admire Bruce Lee and his philosophy behind JKD very much, so I want advice on making this my initial fighting style because I know for a fact that once I have a solid plan for learning this, there will be no stopping my progress in martial arts.

    Oh and I'm new by the way, I just found this forum today, and I will be on this EVERY DAY from now on!!


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    Do what you like,don't worry about what others say! I can't help you,but welcome to the forum!


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      You seem set on learning JFJKD. You should follow your heart and not listen to other people, as long as it makes you happy, learn JFJKD.


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        Thanks!! I am very determined.
        But I know that JKD is pretty rare nowadays.
        So I know I have to be cautious on who I learn it from.
        So given where I live..
        Where should I take classes?
        I haven't found any schools here in Austin that teach JFJKD.
        So any online classes or something you all recommend?



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          Live teaching is better, but you could learn some things from Tommy Carruthers website. Use it for reference of course until you find a teacher.


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            Hey Dan... Sifu Tom works with remote students or he may have know of an instructor in your area. If you are interested contact him at Tom [@] TomHarveyTraining [dot] com. You may also go to his website. Hope that helps.


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              Originally posted by pmosiun View Post
              Live teaching is better, but you could learn some things from Tommy Carruthers website. Use it for reference of course until you find a teacher.
              thanks. i bet your right. but i dont want to pay that much money for just "reference" :\


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                Have you practiced any other martial arts? if not consider going to a few schools and taking a free week of instruction. Find out whats out there. You'll discover that punching and kicking are similar in many systems. The key is to understand that each is just a system. Each art represents what the founder of the style thought was the 'best' way to punch and kick and move. You will find that Bruce Lee first learned the art of wing chun before he evolved out of that art to create his own unique way of striking and moving. He also read about and tried out several arts, not to become the art, but to learn how to defend against experts representing other arts or ways of striking and grappling.


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                  check the video link Jeet Kune Do Straight blast

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                    Check out the Bruce Lee Foundation website for recommendations.

                    What Should I Look For In An Instructor: The Bruce Lee Foundation

                    Tommy Carruthers is listed as a Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Advisory Committee Member. There no better recommendation than that! There are others there as well you could explore.

                    As others have said, "ignore the boo-birds!" They're's a crowded planet & there is not a person (living or dead), organization, or entity that doesn't have their/it's detractors.

                    SOME PEOPLE think the way to make themselves look good is to make others look bad.


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                      Hi Dan

                      First and foremost be sure to train with someone in-person! The online courses and DVDs are a great supplement, but that's all they are.

                      If you are in Austin then check out Dean Goldade. He has black belts up the yin/yang in a variety of systems including instructor affliation with Tim Tackett. You can reach him here:
                      Mixed Martial Arts, MMA, Karate Classes, Martial Arts, U.S. Karate, Georgetown Texas - Staff Please don't let the website name of Austin Karate put you off; Dean is highly ranked in the Gaylord system of Kajukenbo and teaching Karate is a marketable venture. Dean is also an excellent Filipino stylist and is an instructor under Max Pallen of Senkotiros.

                      I have trained with Dean in-person and can attest to his superior abilities as an instructor, practitioner and person. He is on your door step!



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                        Dean also teaches JKD under the banner of the Wednesday Night Group.
                        Tim Tackett


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                            I gave up trying to find a JKD instructor. Inosanto's instructors are the only ones in all of Colorado (where I live), and I have found Inosanto's instructors to be rude and arrogant.


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                              I can recommend the Ganshirt Academy of Martial Arts (Adam Ganshirt instr.) for JKD (Inosanto affiliation) and the Vandry Academy of BJJ in Austin.