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Best & Worst TKD Kicks

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  • Best & Worst TKD Kicks

    Ah, I remember the TKD tournament days... Those were the best!

    Anyway, what would you guys consider the best or worst TKD kicks or combinations?

    Master Cho, my instructor loved the fake front kick... but I hated it.

    Favorite Kick

    My favorite kick was the side kick using the lead foot. I recall getting yelled at by Master Cho and Master Choi all the time, they would say: "kick with your back leg, it has more power!" But I kept doing what I wanted and once I got it down, I never lost another match. It was golden for me.

    Second was my roundhouse kick. I developed my own way of doing it after a time. It was a combination of learning MT, so eventually my roundhouse became a hybrid. The roundhouse is my "go to" kick when I really need to win.

    Worst Kick

    I NEVER liked crescent kicks (some call them axe kicks). I felt the pros didn't outweigh the cons. I mean on the positive side, if you actually landed it straight on, you could really hurt someone; but the truth is it takes so much energy during a match, is easily telegraphed and leaves you off-balance. I noticed most people would get their leg entangled on their opponent's shoulder. It just didn't feel natural for me, so I never trained it.

    Once I learned how to easily counter spin kicks, I never used them for a long time. It's only today that I've started playing around with them again. But when I'm training seriously, I don't bother with them. I don't like to give my back, even for a split second.

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    hmm, yeah i'm a MT guy, n i agree with a bit of muay thai moves put in to ur matches u'd easily beat the hell out of the other guys, they just dont know how to act when something they havent been trained for starts flying towards their head or thigh, wat ever u prefer lol


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      I love to use a rear leg roundhouse, right to the lower ribs. If they can't breathe, they can't fight.


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        In a confined environment I like front thrust kick(back or front leg). In a wide open environment I like front leg side kick. Roundhouse to the ribs is nasty but you have to be careful of the counter.


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          Originally posted by Mr. Arieson
          Is the question about kicks used in tournemants or in a real fight?

          For real fight, I would have to choose front step/thrust kick as my favorite, long as it is kept real low.

          For non-fighting applications, hook kicks look good!
          Tournament, street, mma, just for the hell of it, it doesn't matter.

          I used to love hook kicks as well. And you're right... They just look good. But with a "clicking" knee these days, I don't like them.


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            Best & Worst TKD Kicks

            If you can find a good TKD school, that would be the best. They are out there, you have to do some searching. Muay Thai also has some good power kicks but they can be one dimensional.
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