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What it's like to get shot...

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  • What it's like to get shot...

    I found this thread on another forum interesting... "What's it like to get shot?".


    "It felt like I got hit with a hammer."

    "It didn't really start hurting till later."

    You can read the thread here...

    Like most people I've been shot with BB and pellet guns, but I was always kinda curious what it felt like to get shot with a real gun.

    Once while rabbit hunting as a lad with two "friends" they started fighting over whose turn it was with the .22 (we only had one rifle between us).

    They started grappling with the rifle, trying to take it away from one another. Friend #1 got the end of his 1st finger blown off when the gun discharged.

    Moral of the Story: a) 12-year olds shouldn't shoot w/o adult supervision. b) Choose your "friends" wisely.

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    Don't use old cars & washing machines for target practice.

    I know it's highly satisfying to hear that "crack~thump crack~thump crack~thump" and see all those holes magically appear, but the older I get, the more people I've met who got smacked by ricochets.

    Everyone gets lectured about this coming up. But it's one of those things you don't take to heart till you get older.


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      Depends on what you are shot with...

      When I was shot by a .22, it didn't hurt until I realized I had been shot - LOL! Could also have been about the time the adrenaline rush went away. Either way, it kinda gave a sharp burn and dull pain. Lucky it didn't hit bone and go crazy directions in the body. Hornets hurt worse!

      A far cry from, say, a .44, .357, or .45! I can only imagine the "thud" of one of those.

      I've been hit with rock salt, too. That burns like heck!

      I used to have mini wars with friends using BB and pellet guns. They sting and don't penetrate very far. I was pretty stupid as a kid - LOL!

      Shrapnel, on the other hand, burns and is a very sharp throbbing pain. Almost enough to pass out from, if you're lucky. (Dad's story - Vietnam Veteran, 1st Cav)



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        Jeez! I feel like a sissy having been shot only once with a BB gun in my left forearm. The swelling was enough that I had to get an X-Ray to see whether the pellet had penetrated my skin or not (it hadn't).


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          Well, I've been luck so far and have been on the right side of the guns.

          But there is so many ways to get shot, bullet calibre and placement is the primary factor in stoppage and knock down. Now there are others that have all the facts and figures about calibre of bullets, and stopping the perps so, I believe that no two incidents of getting shot, will be the same.

          If you are curious about getting shot, the next best thing is to go out and play Commando and shoot some paint balls. Or you can get a Kevlar vest and have a friend shoot you, but that's a little more dangerous.

          I read an article about a guy that was curious like you, about getting shot and so he got a vest and had someone shoot him.
          The writer of the article went on to say that he experienced all the trauma and negative effects, as if he actually got shot.

          Oh, and I used to go shooting in the canyons North of LA, all the time.
          Yes, I have been hit by burning ricochets and one time, I actually thought I got shot in the leg by a bullet.
          I looked down and saw the smashed lead bullet on my jeans. I plucked the bullet off, waiting for the blood to come out, but my pants wasn't even cut, but kept looking at my leg to see if there was blood coming out of an open wound, but there wasn't any. I did this for about 10 minutes, kept looking, swearing that I had been shot in the leg.

          It was a really weird experience.


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            Note to Self...

            don't go shooting with sweep...


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              At one time, back when I was 22, we accepted a new member in our private range; he was a real dumb one, I was taping my target downrange when I heard this buzzing sound, I had my earplugs on, so I really didn' heard the gun go bang, but i saw the bullet splashing on a rock VERY near.

              The dumb guy started shooting thinking that his aim was sooo good that actually didn't were danger...

              Back then I only knew TKD and some JKD, but the guy get REAL stomped...

              He never showed up again...


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                As I posted in the old forum, at one time we get some bulletproof vest and manage to shoot ourselves in the chest, only to know what it was like. The vests were from safariland international and rated IIA; I get shot with a 9mm reloaded to minimun velocity; it felt like I was hit by a very hard punch, but nowhere as hard as i tought.

                It was however a very dumb move, albeit a useful one.

                Back the we were REALLY into combat shooting.


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                  Hey Underdog what are the laws regarding firearms in Italy. For example what can and can't people own?


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                    shimora shot me whit his crossbow once!


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                      Here's a two-for-one post.

                      Keep watching Jackass on MTV. In a future episode, he shoots himself while wearing a Kevlar vest.


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                        If anyone is really curios I can make arrangements to shoot you. I have a variety of weapons to choose from.


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                          Make sure you don't use too high a caliber if you're gonna go shooting yourselves!

                          Kevlar won't stop everything.

                          You should all learn to dodge bullets, like me.


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                            I just started reading this forum and this ranks as one of the all time dumbest threads I have ever read.

                            ALL OF YOU OUT OF THE GENE POOL!!!


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                              Oh, don't give up, Mr. Penguinman.

                              Stick around a while: it gets a lot dumber!