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    here's dumb....

    had a .410 shotgun and walked up close to a tree (5 ft) and shot it. I must have hit a knot in the wood, one of the pellets riccocheted back and hit me in the face, right above my upper lip. that hurt.


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      The whole firarms weapon is tricky here. To acquire and own a firarms you must have a permit by the chief of the local police(actually it's not so, but I'm simplyfing). If you can show to him a VERY VALID motivation to have a concealed weapon permit, it be granted to you; but he's the only one with powers to decide. The law is really uncertain about motivations. You can own THREE handguns for selfdefense maximum. SIX handguns for sporting purposes (6' barrel) and whatever shotguns and rifles you want. All guns must be registered at the police station and now and then they check them out.

      I own a CCW by the age of 18, it is validated yearly, and every year I must pay a hellot of taxes and it can be revocked everytime.

      It boils down to only one thing here:


      It piss me alot but here weapon ownership is not a RIGHT but a PRIVILEGE.

      Add to this the constant attacks by antigun mainstream media...


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        Attn Underdog~

        Im curious, what exactly did you do to the dumb guy at the range?? Give me some details!


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          YeLLa TiGeR:

          A word of warning...

          Underdog is a complete badass. You may not want to know.


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            No worries Ronin!

            I've heard his other the one with the soccer player and the Ruas Vale Tudo test. Not to mention the one post where he got shot with a vest on with a 9 mm . I curious to see how "bad" it is compared to his other experiences!
            Hmm on second hand, do I really want to know if its THAT bad?


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              ME a badass??? I'm only a shy guy....

              Actually the guy was buttkicked by everyone of us.

              It may be appear as not much damage, but bear in mind that here is the ultimate insult done to a male. It's done when you are so sure that you can stomp him that you ridiculize him at your will. For an italian male being buttkicked and get spited is the worst offence you can do. We did that because there were some girls around...


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                J.B. You need to force yourself to socialize w/others more often...or lay off the mushrooms...You seem to have way too much time to ponder the misfortunes of others..You should focus on important thing.....Like, how to change the opinions of others that I am a terrible excuse for an organism . Remember if you don't use it you lose it...


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                  Ryan, I TRY to socialize with others. Everyone is just so busy nowadays! When I call them either they say they are to busy to go carousing with me or their answering machine picks up after 1 ring. When I stop by their house, no one is ever home, even though their car is in the driveway.

                  It's just plain Odd.

                  I haven't been able to find any mushrooms in years. Urban sprawl is wrecking my leisure time.

                  No orgasm is terrible! Yes, some may be better than others, but each one is precious and special.


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                    No orgasm is terrible! Yes, some may be better than others, but each one is precious and special.


                    Finally, something we can agree on!


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                      Some redneck followed my cousin home and shot him

                      My cousin who lives in the country was followed home by a redneck and his wife, because my cousin flicked his brights on the guy on the highway. The redneck followed Robbie all the way up to his house, 1/2 a mile past his fence. Robbie got out to load his .22 bird rifle, and the redneck and his wife both got out with handguns. The redneck walked up to Robbie and shot him pointblanck in the neck and shoulder.
                      Robbie's mom came out crying and told the man to stop, and the police were called. They didn't arrest the redneck because he was a reserve police officer. The redneck said he was protecting his wife's life (even though she had her own pistol pulled).
                      To make a long story short, Robbie lost his baseball scholarship to the State University because his shoulder is all jacked now after numerous surgery, but his neck is fine.
                      The redneck reserve police is serving 25 years for attempted manslaughter, but his wife is free. My cousin currently has a 30 million dollar lawsuit against the city that had the redneck as a reserve officer. The redneck used his police issued gun in the shooting, and had numerous complaints for following people onto their property and doing stupid crap like that.
                      His first defense in court was that he thought my cousin was drunk and was going to arrest him for drunk driving, but then later he said he shot him because he was afraid for his wife's life....(even though my cousin stoped, got out and told them to leave and THEN started loading his birdgun).


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                        Damned rednecks. How you doing, Joe???


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                          Hey man,
                          I'm all good! But let me tell you, watch out for those wacko's when your driving out in the country!
                          My cousin can tell you first hand!


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                            Originally posted by ;n43205
                            At one time, back when I was 22, we accepted a new member in our private range; he was a real dumb one, I was taping my target downrange when I heard this buzzing sound, I had my earplugs on, so I really didn' heard the gun go bang, but i saw the bullet splashing on a rock VERY near.

                            The dumb guy started shooting thinking that his aim was sooo good that actually didn't were danger...

                            Back then I only knew TKD and some JKD, but the guy get REAL stomped...

                            He never showed up again...
                            Yes, you are right. You need to use a custom hearing protection otherwise you won't protect your hearing. If you are a shooter and you love to join the gun competition then you need to use a shooting earplugs.
                            It will help you to protect the unwanted sounds. If you use the foam and generic earplugs that will won't fit to us because it will block all the sounds so we cannot hear each other. That is why we need to use a electronic hearing protection. Please visit the couple of websites and get more information...




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                              don't go shooting with sweep...


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                                I often get shot in my dreams, and unless it's just my imagination, the feeling seems pretty genuine. I've never been shot in real life though, so I can't say for sure whether it's right. I'm not quite curious enough to go out and get shot just to check.