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Gi BJJ is boring compared to NO-GI BJJ

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    Very good thread guys.
    I guess I'll add only that we should never get OVERLY confident in our abilities as grapplers, fighters, MMartists, whatever because there are plenty of people out there with surprising attributes of power, speed, experience, toughness, etc.
    Even though proper training gives you an edge, don't forget that there are strong people out there that can surprise you if you're not careful. Look at UFC 3 with Royce and Kimo. I seriously doubt Royce expected Kimo to reverse him when Royce mounted. If you are in a fight never underestimate your opponent. If you're thinking it's going to be a breeze you won't prepare yourself for a hard match...if you don't prepare for a hard match and it becomes one you may get your bearings anyway....but then again you may not.



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      This has been a pretty good thread..

      Ya know, I'm not one to tell anyone HOW to train. People have different reasons for doing so. However, I've not met ONE martial artist who said that self-defense WASN'T something he/she was concerned with.

      It seems that many people are now realizing that in order to develop applicable skills for self-defense, you MUST train sportively ! This is in direct opposition to many "classical" stylists who maintain that their system is "too deadly to spar with" (read, train sportively).

      Well, it isn't my place to try and prove them wrong. There are plenty of people in this world to train with and beating someone over the head with your theories of fighting just isn't worth the time. You can lead a horse to water........

      Here is the argument I use to validate sportive training; If you can't hit someone in the head with a 16 oz boxing glove on, what makes you think your finger jab to the eye is going to land? I won't need to further explain this to the smarter fighters.

      First you develop the attributes from sportive training, then after you've got the skills, you add the "foul" tactics applicable for a street encounter. Like Luis Gutierez has said, "Be like water, then add dirt".

      Just one more thing, is it "self-defense we're truly worried about with our training? If it is, wouldn't it be much easier just to get a gun, carry a knife or something? Do you see my point? There are FAR, FAR easier ways of hurting another human being than to dedicate yourself to hours and HOURS of mat work and sparring and conditioning, etc., etc.?

      Think about that. I sincerely think we all train for something other than "self-defense", it's only disguised as such....

      Of course, that's just my opinion..I could be wrong.



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        My basic movitation is simply for the fun of it, because I really like it...


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          Bushido: There ya have it! I have allot of fun as well. Plus, It's a great way to develop comraderie with kindred spirits.

          Also, by really going hard, you learn allot about yourself--like the fact that your limits aren't what you thought they were!!!!

          That REALLY does allot for the spirit!



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            Could it really be called a self defense if it were not defensive in nature?


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              Good point...



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                I COULDN'T AGREE MORE.... Nogi is way better. im new to it actually and im loving it.. I haven't been this excited for something for a while now! Anyways im looking to buy nogi gear online and it would be great if you guys could suggest a nice place to buy gear from. I have found this site nogibjjgear they have got great stuff bit idk.. I guess before actually buying from them i just want to know if anyone have had a satisfying experience with them?


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                  thanks admin! Glad i found this forum Mouth