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"I Love LA........................"

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  • "I Love LA........................"

    from the Randy Neuman song, the title fits lately............

    Lakers have won their second Championship title

    it's great to be here in LA.

    Where else can you be where there's a Jiu Jitsu school on every corner....

    ok, ok, it's every OTHER corner..........

    HA, at least that's what it used to be when the UFC was at it's peak in popularity, with Royce and the "other" BJJ athletes.

    The weather is great here, we don't have to worry about hurricanes, or floods. The beautiful people. The night life.

    Celebrities galore, just look at those Laker games, they come out when we have a winner.
    Every where you look there is someone famous in this town.

    Ok, the downsides;
    the power shortages,
    the black outs,
    the earthquakes,
    the smog,
    the possibility of a riot for anything,
    the crime,
    the traffic,
    bad attitudes,
    rude people,
    everything is expensive.

    Why live here?
    Because it's here.........

    I've had friends ski in the morning and surf in the afternoon.
    2 hours or less, you can be in a totally different environment.
    Anything you want to do can be done here. Well, almost.
    Fun everywhere.

    that's why we love LA...........................

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    Yessir. I've been all over the world and all over the states and lived quite a few different places. Yet once I got to So Cal, it was Eutopia. You see, in everything we claim on; there's a place in the world thats better than us. Yet no one has as much greatness as So Cal; whether people like to admit it or not


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      Hey, I live in North Carolina and I love LA!

      I've been a Lakers fan since MJ came aboard. Who can forget "Showtime":

      Magic Johnson
      Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
      Norm Nixon
      Jamaal Wilkes
      James Worthy
      Byron Scott
      Michael Cooper

      and now

      The Diesel!!!
      Kobe (only one name necessary)
      Derek Fisher
      Robert Horry (absolutely kills 'em in fourth quarters better than many I have seen!)

      and who knows who else will be there in the future--EVERYONE wants to play in LA!! The Lakers don't have to go out seeking players, they come there! Shaq did!

      Long Live the Champions!

      Now, how 'bout those Clippers?!



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        I used to be a Lakers fan, but the combo of Kobe and Shaq has not only turned me off to the Lakers; but basketball in general.

        I used to love the NBA, but I just hate all the new players. They're all whiny millionaire rappers who can jump high and dribble the ball. I feel like an old man saying this, but its true. Athelets in the major sports have all taken a turn for the worse. Granted, its been like this for a while; but it just keeps getting worse and worse every year. I'd rather watch Pride, UFC, K-1 and pretty much any kind of boxing over any pro sport these days. The only sport I'll still watch is football, but thats because I have a real love for the Buffalo Bills. Not that any of the players I loved still play for them, but thats ok


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          Dont you know that Charm city is the best place in America.


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            I would rather live in the bay area. More to my taste.


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              Patty I am not shocked to hear you say that. Its about time you came out of the closet....I still love you though,in a heterosexual way of course. I mean you never had a chance your parents named you Robin for chrissakes...Patty you're here your queer and your proud and dammit I am proud of you!


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                Good Call Hookah

                Hi Hookah Smokin Caterpillar,

                Your absolutely right about the Pro Sports thing, I won't follow pro sports anymore because of all that. Many many other people feel the same way. That is the only thing that is going to make pro sports right again, for people to just refuse to watch these idiots anymore. My suggestion, (at least what I've done) watch NHB, K-1, NASCAR and other stuff, but NOT pro sports.

                Millions of Americans are turning the channel from this moron/rapper/Gangster (i.e. Iverson) to NASCAR and other stuff. NASCAR is only second to NFL in popularity in the U.S. now. There is a serious back lash against the NBA, me personally I can't stand the garbage!

                The next backlash will be against the NFL (National Felons League). I'll bet NASCAR overtakes the NFL in popularity within the next 5 years.

                Just my 2 cents......
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                  LA the best? HA AND DOUBLE HA! I've been to socal about 4 times and everytime I go down there it drains the life outta me. The smog, the heat, more spanish speaking people than english, the rocks in front of people's houses instead of grass. I'm not saying Seattle is the best place to live, but it sure beats the heck outta LA. It's true It's true. And anyone who watches Nascar (ie cars going in a circle for 2 hours) probly didn't graduate from college.


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                    im not really a big fan of nascar more of a rally man myself, wish that would pick up in popularity here.

                    as for the lakers, haha.. next season its gonna be all raptors baby!


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                      Hi JaredExtreme,

                      I'm not taking offence to what you said because I know that is the stereotype. But I did graduate, I have my University degree in Computer Science. I'm just saying I would rather support ANYTHING as opposed to having my hard earned money and support going toward some missing link primate like Allen Iverson, that piece of dog s*it belongs in a jail cell, not on our T.Vs getting millions of our hard earned dollars.

                      I personally like NASCAR, but I'm not saying it is the greatest sport in the world, I'm just saying I would sooner drink a bottle of turpentine and then piss on a brush fire than have my money going to an Allen Iverson or the like, that's all. And thus I'll watch anything as opposed to the NBA or the NFL.


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                        I have been in the GTA for 3 years or so. Its been good folks but get me the F uck outta here!!!

                        I miss LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        I hope I can make UCLA.....


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                          Jaredextreme's sig...

                          ...yeah! Yeah, baby! I gotta gimmick! HIGH EXPLOSIVES BABY!!!

                          The tick rules.



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                            Well....I'll be over in L.A next week!

                            Be over there for 3 months...

                            Maybe I'll get to see why you love it so much..

                            Gonna settle in first ...then look for a good place to train...

                            Where is Ruas' school located??? Anyone know???


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                              I would recommend for real training go to Next Generation Fighting Academy in Irvine,Ca. Chris Brennan teaches most of the classes plus he has a Progressive Fighting Systems instructor down there teaching JKD. For $25 less you get unlimited class in a lot better facility. Chris has the King of The Cage,Cage in there. Here is the number (949)768-3580. Chris is a ****ing stud and so are his fighters you wont regret it....I promise
                              Last edited by BIG BIRD; 06-19-2001, 01:16 PM.