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are any of you guys from virginia, usa?

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  • are any of you guys from virginia, usa?

    if so, have you ever heard a man named jearl sutherland? he's from wytheville and i think he might teach a muay thai class there. he's supposed to be a 5th dan black belt. has anyone heard of him?

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    last I heard MT does not have belts.


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      i know there's no belts in MT. he's 5th dan in something but i think he might teach MT.


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        What part of Virginia? I train and teach in Northern VA. Never heard of the guy myself. Do you have a link?


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          roanoke area. far far away from NO VA. i don't have a link, i just looked around the internet and found a TBA class in wytheville on and and it had him as the instructor.


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            I'm near Bristol VA, and a friend of a friend was supposed to be going to Wythvielle to train MT. I don't know if it was this guy or not, but from what he was telling me his friend liked the classes pretty well. If I run into either of them I'll ask who the instructor is and post back.


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              sweet! thanks! it doesn't matter to me who the teacher is, i just want to take the class. but i think he might be the teacher though.

              wytheville is a long drive from bristol. your friend's friend must be as desperate as i am to take muay thai. lol


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                Yep, about 2 hours. I don't know the guy very well but I think he has MMA goals in mind.


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                  your friend's friend has MMA in mind or the teacher does?


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                    I'm just North of Richmond.


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                      Jearl Sutherland

                      Originally posted by kurt sloan View Post
                      if so, have you ever heard a man named jearl sutherland? he's from wytheville and i think he might teach a muay thai class there. he's supposed to be a 5th dan black belt. has anyone heard of him?
                      Yes, Jearl Sutherland is in Wytheville, Virginia. The town is about an hour and a half southwest of Roanoke on I-81 and about an hour or less northeast of Bristol.

                      He has been an instructor in several arts for many years. He is in the Thai Boxing Association of the U.S.A. and has trained with Ajarn Chai Sirisute since the 1980s. He has a black belt under Joe Lewis and was one of Joe's sparring partners in the 1970s. He has worked with Dan Inosanto, Grace Casillas, Tim Tacket, Larry Hartsell, Francis Fong, Fred Degerberg, Victor and Paul de Thouars, and many others. He's been my Thai boxing coach off and on since around 1987 and I drive up to Wytheville when I can to work with him. He has even come down to Wise County, Virginia to work with some of my students.

                      Recently he has been teaching Thai boxing to mixed martial arts fight teams. I know at one time he worked with a jiu-jitsu club in Bristol and another one somewhere in North Carolina. He's available for seminars and workshops.


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                        TEAM LLOYD IRVIN's Muay Thai / Boxing classes


                        The art of Muay Thai (AKA Thai Boxing) is a not only a competitive sport known worldwide, but a great workout for anyone looking to enhance their fitness level and learn effective standup self defense techniques. Muay Thai is a form of kickboxing that involves boxing combinations, knees, kicks, and elbows.
                        Team Lloyd Irvin follows a Ranking System similar to the Muay Thai Institute of Thailand’s Grading Structure of 6 Grade Levels.
                        There are 6 Major Components that their Instructors use for assessment, to graduate a dedicated student from one Rank to the next. The 6 Components in no specific-order are:
                        #1: Attitude
                        #2: Team-Work (Cooperation)
                        #3: Performance (Consistently working HARD! High Intensity/Effort at every class attended!)
                        #4: Techniques & Related Skills (i.e Knowledge of Curriculum)
                        #5: Conditioning and Improved Fitness Levels
                        #6: Attendance & Commitment (Specific Time Requirements)

                        Their Level 1 Muay Thai Kickboxing Class will develop offensive and defensive techniques which will prepare the practitioner the "street." This class will increase the student’s level of fitness with Boxing & Muay Thai techniques, along with partner drills involving Focus Mitts and Kicking Pads.
                        How the Program Works
                        The student begins with a Rank of “Level 1”. Every student is given an attendance card, where their attendance is monitored and marked down for the amount of classes the student has attended. In order for the Level 1 student to be assessed for a “Progress Check” at Level 1, a student must have at least a minimum of 25 classes. To be given eligibility to take the Level 1 to Level 2 test for rank advancement, a student must have at least a minimum of 45 classes.
                        Rank/Grade System
                        Level 1: Grey
                        Level 2: Green
                        Level 3: Gold
                        Level 4: Blue
                        Level 5: Brown
                        Level 6: Black
                        Team Lloyd Irvin also offers traditional boxing classes to complement the Muay Thai training curriculum as well as their MMA program. All instructors have either trained and/or competed in western style boxing. A great deal of the techniques used in the Muay Thai curriculum involves the use of hands, foot and body movement.