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6week lifting/kickboxing or vis versa

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  • 6week lifting/kickboxing or vis versa

    Ok so im going to join at a local kickboxing gym that offers muay thai and bjj and jeet among others, and i was wondering if i should do a 6week lifting period to bulk with a sports trainer (who im already using for speed, but this would be just for strength) and then join up at a kickboxing gym muscular and ready to become more cut/learned with kickboxing or if i should just go straight to kickboxing. Either way im going to go 3 times a week, seeing as its in season for sports. The reason i want to do the 6 week bulking phase is becuase im not reall the strongest person alive, im not weak im just not very strong. And i think (which doesnt count in this forum becuase im not currently involved in and kind of martial arts) it would be more beneficial to put on musscle and some fat and then just cut it with the cardio of kickboxing. Thanks for any help.

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    You think too much, just train.

    Not trying to sound rude, Im serious. Just join the class and have fun learning and getting into shape, there is absolutely no point in waiting, you can do weights during the same time peroid as your martial arts. The only thing you should do to prepare for martial arts training when you are out of shape is to be prepared to take it slow and easy while your body gets strong, otherwise you will be so sore you cant train the next class or you could pull/tear a muscle. Let yourself get strong gradually in class and after a few weeks you can go all out.

    Damian Mavis
    Honour TKD


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      If you are strong already that MAY actually work against you if you want to learn kickboxing. "Weaker" persons (that is, with normal build) will be forced to find proper technique and biomechanics to get the power.
      So I would actually suggest that you put on the muscles later on.
      I've seen big strong guys not progressing in kickboxing because they feel they already kick or punch hard. But with just a glance I can see that they have potential for double that power.
      So not being muscular can work out in your advantage, because you will ALWAYS look for ways to increase your power with better mechanics and speed.


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        alrights thanks alot, very helpful. Ive got 3more weeks of the sports training and then im going to join at the kickboxing gym, i figure ill do kickboxing 3-4 times a week (on top of my 2 hours of lacrosse a day monday-friday) and then once my lacrosse season is over (around summer time) start getting more into weightlifting. By that time ill be able to lift in morinigns and take night kickboxing/bjj or whatever im taking then.


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          Ok i decided not to make a new thread and just add onto this one, what i want to do is take kickboxing for 6months or so and then finish off the year doing bjj ( it might not happen like that, ill probly scatter bjj into my schedual every once in a while, actually which way would be best: scattered in schedual or 1 after another), im wondering if in bjj they teach arm-bars and other submission holds like in the UFC (rear naked chokes and whatnot) or if that is a different kind of martial art. I want to be a well rounded fighter so a. im in shape b. i can be a good fighter haha, is there a better way to go than kickboxing/bjj, mind you that im most likely not going to join UFC anytime soon so its not vital i have the perfect group of martial arts.

          THanks (and sidenote, im going to do 6weeks of lifting before kickboxing becuase lacrosse season ends in 6 weeks so then im going to have all the time i need to kickbox, its good becuase its olympic lifts and agilities).


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            Yeah it sounds really good. BJJ is what is used most of the time in the UFC (and wrestling) when it comes to the ground.
            Kickboxing is good for standup. However, I have to ask you if it's american kickboxing you are refering to, or if it's thaiboxing.
            If it's thaiboxing, chances are you will not get that good boxing skills.
            If it's american kickboxing, you have to watch out for some ineffective kicks. At least that's what I think. They have all kinds of kicks in american kickboxing. What you want to start off learning and mastering is the thai roundhouse and push kick. Hopefully the kickboxing gym will teach you good boxing though.

            I don't think it matters that much if you take the scattered or the focused approach when it comes to your bjj. I would focues on one thing at the time though, but many peope train both at once so it's really up to you.