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    If you actually trained instead of filling your head with nonsense(kool aid) you could actually learn somethign instead of being an ass clown raped by your poor thai teachers who teach you this garbage.

    Look at the ass clowns tag line too:
    ""Killing is my business.....'N...the business is GoOd!!! Looking forward for YOU to be my next ViCTiM!!!""

    Hes been called out numerous times and refuses to step up to the plate. There will be no victims because the predator will be the prey.

    He is a glowing example of a COWARD. Refuses to fight but runs his mouth like a river.

    Wanarat will get his ass handed to him sometime soon and that will be the end of him.


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      Chaiya Wanarat= loud mouth coward. A brainwashed tool of the kool aid. If you want proof of the power of this thread just visit his numerous postings. He is the perfect poster boy for disfunction and everything that is wrong with martial arts even in thailand.


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        you are a coward and a racist


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          The insane behavior has continued on this forum. Chiaya wanarat once again over and over has continually spammed the forum like a baby throwing a temper tantrum. He is not the first from the chaiya madness and probably not the last. Its a short circuit, they are told they have something unique and no farang knows anything but they get here and boom they get some sort of short circuit, because no one cares and obviously many people here have the truth. But this is an ongoing record of a serious illness spreading badly and getting worse.


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            Well so far I think he's 0 and 4 in the virtual forum war... I win again.


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              Amen to that, Tant01! Thanks for moderating and mopping up the mess that this kid leaves behind him.


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                Originally posted by george stando View Post
                Amen to that, Tant01! Thanks for moderating and mopping up the mess that this kid leaves behind him.
                My pleasure George!

                At your service.

                And congrats on the new green box! Your virtual reputation may never match your REAL reputation.


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                  If anyone else gets vulgar or obscene comments on your profile please shoot me a private message and I'll sweep the mess off for you.

                  TY all VM


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                    Nice one on the moderation Tant,it was getting to personal and silly.

                    Chaiyawanarat or not I dont know but I do know it was not Tony Moore.


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                      Yes, we all know it wasnt tony moore. that was very, very apparent.

                      The real bottom line to this whether it is personal, silly or what have you is that this abnormal type of shit is normal and continuous not only to this forum but others and it is springing from the same sources and is not an isolated person or isolated situation anymore. Thats the most important thing that people dont want to see or realize.


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                        Ok so funny story. Today my 2 yr old daughter is running around the house wild not knowing what to do with herself and suddenly she freezes staring me down like an untamed beast. I say to her your crazy u know that. To which she replies I know I was drinking the kool aid. Hahaha true story. Funniest thing ever had to tell u guys. Happy halloween. Later.


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                          Worst part was the way she froze to look at me resembled tha kru posture of chaiya. Poor kid. It will take me forever to get the kool aid out of her system


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                            thats hilarious, tenzen.


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                              ok, i came here purely cos i was shown this thread. i may be repeating some things others have said but please hear me out.

                              a true student of any of the three teachers of chaiya (kru mud, kru lek and kru praeng), wouldnt go around saying chaiya is the best, muay thai is rubbish. i like muay thai, but it i wanted to study a martial art, muay thai is more of a ring sport whos link to its martial art past can only be seen in a few aspects, such as the wai kru.

                              and frankly im shocked someone would be so insulting to a martial art, possibly (and probably) without any experience of their own. though i shall give u some info incase its ignorance that makes u angry at chaiya:

                              muay boran. muay boran is an umbrella term for the old thai martial arts and has many styles within such as muay chaiya, muay khorat etc etc. HOWEVER in a bid to revitalise the dying thai martial arts, some where along the line muay boran became a system of fighting in itself. it is not. the techniques of mae mai and luk mai are actually muay thai, just they arent taught anymore. mae mai and luk mai are not a system of fighting, they are tricks and techniques which a muay thai boxer could use in a fight. the problem is, its not being taught as a fighting style, with people saying its better than muaythai cos its got better moves etc. this is wrong.

                              muay chaiya is a system in itself and shouldnt be confused with 'muay boran style'. muay chaiya is only taught by 3 people in the world, keeping quality high. their fees are really quite large making the number of students really very low. chaiya is not dying but its not getting much bigger either. we should be celebrating it and talking about it like the japanese, chinese and korean martials arts are-with respect.

                              dont be ignorant, do some real research, get to thailand and come train in chaiya. if your opinion doesnt change, so be it. just dont your self be a keyboard warrior. you are disrespecting a legacy of amazing teachers, would you do that to your own art? . how would you all feel if someone can bashing your arts. and those who claim to study chaiya and say muay thai is crap, they too have misunderstood martial arts. im not defending those people. real martial artists who love martial arts, dont bash other peoples. its just not cricket.


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                                Great another guy with one month training EDUCATING people on muay.

                                You believe there are only three Muay chaiya teachers in the world YOU are not only delusional but stupid. There are senior instructors who trained with ajarn khetr and students the same age as kru tong alive including kru tongs brother, so that defeats your dumb post.

                                You come across as EXTREMELY IGNORANTand you should do some research because people dont listen to people who drink the kool aid and dont listen to history and reality of their own system.

                                Many people trained in the system and didnt like it. Thats their opinion. You seem to disrespect a persons a opinion because he doesnt like what you like. Does that make sense.

                                Real martial artists with decades of experience are not afraid to express their opinons pro and con. This thread is based on the numerous muay chaiya idiots who have attacked others continuously, spread bad information and simply think they are superior without testing or understanding reality.
                                Last edited by george stando; 08-28-2011, 10:20 AM.