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    Originally posted by Tom Yum
    Start with proper mindset. Then explain a couple of techniques that work?
    Mindset-that is the first start.....

    One must realize that there is a mentality, a mindset, when dealing with defense issues. This cannot be ruled out and seems to be the very foundation and starting point long before physical applications/tactics.

    Ive seen people with the mindset/mentality to train hard and nurture the idea that they can be combat ready. In turn, get beat, stabbed, and shot because they had lacked the total mentality/mindset of other aspects of defense.

    I've seen people with no training, overcome and defend themselves to a bitter end. People that appear to be weak, but had the proper mentality/mindset to do what was needed.

    For a concise course, one needs to examine the mind. For perhaps a start, commence with simple Psychology research.


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      Originally posted by EmptyneSs
      1st off, get the **** out of india.

      2nd, i think bjj would be pretty good for women to learn. think of the positiongs women are in when they are being raped. if the woman was trained in bjj, the attacker would be putting himself right in her guard, making him the victim. bjj would allow her to escape from or even destroy her would be rapist.
      1st, how can anyone, in a improvished-violent area, truely afford to leave a place surrounded by violence. How can anyone, for that matter, truely escape violence?

      2nd, not one art, nor one tactic, be considered to overcome a particular situation.


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        Originally posted by Tom Yum
        In my armchair warrior opinion, I would advocate karate + bjj.

        Karate to inflict quick damage in stand up somewhat close quarters, then bjj so they can fight from the ground if someone overpowered them tried to mount them.
        I tend to disagree that karate would be the choice along with BJJ. I love my karate, trained in it for 10 years, however, Krav Maga would give the person all the techniques required in a shorter amount of time. If the person wants long benefits from training than karate, is great. However, if they want to defend themselves, Krav Maga is best because you are given the tools from the jump.