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Technical, tough, or twisty?

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  • Technical, tough, or twisty?

    What kind of wrestler are you (or were you)? Were you more technical, or just hard-nosed tough, or one of those rubbery types that seem to be able to squirm into or out of any position at any time?

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    Well, if you had to choose one or the other I'd always err on the side of conditioning.


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      I was very technical of a wrestler and according to some of the senior wrestlers at my highschool at the time, that was my downfall. Something about trying to make the match too technical, or the move too technical, etc. Whether that holds true or not, wrestling is a very fast paced beast with a lot of scrambling which is totally the opposite of my preferred pace.


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        aggressor, crafty, tough to pin, could fight a half for along time


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          Originally posted by eXcessiveForce
          I always seemed to be able to wade in and do a headlock throw quick and end up with a pin.

          I wasn't a great wrestler though, We spent way to much time running and not enough on technique
          I like to use "head lock" too. It's one of my favor moves. Not too many people train this move as far as I know.

          I used to run 3 times a week, 5 miles each. I have changed my running into walking with my knee bending as much as possible (low stance walking). I find it's much harder than running (I'll get tired faster) and I can build my leg muscle much stronger.

          Originally posted by jubaji View Post
          Well, if you had to choose one or the other I'd always err on the side of conditioning.
          I also like to spend more time in condition training. Almost 80% of my work out are in equipment training.


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            Is "panicky" a choice?