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  • Nagoya Basho

    The Nagoya Sumo tournament started today. The Aichi Prefectural Gym was sold out and the crowd seemed to be pulsating as nearly everyone worked a hand-held paper fan against the heat. Nagoya in the summer is just shy of being on the surface of the Sun itself.

    There were many interesting bouts. Kotooshu, the Bulgarian winner of the previous basho looked nervous as he lost again to his nemisis Aminishiki (who I can't stand). Yokozuna Hakuho won his first bout, but the other Yokozuna Asashoryu lost in a very surprising upset to Toyonoshima, the shortest man in the upper division.

    When the upset occured there was a rain of bright purple zabuton as the fans showed their enthusiasim for the unexpected result. The cushions were flying every which way as the stunned Grand Champion left the arena.

    All in all, a good first day of what should prove to be an interesting tournament.

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    Too bad there's no highlight clips on u-tube?

    Or something?


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      I can only find youtube stuff from last year's Nagoya tournament. I guess somebody is taking the copyright thing seriously.


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        Day 2 and the action continued. The early days of a 15 day tournament are interesting because you gradually see the outline of what is to come taking shape.

        Kotooshu bounced back from his day 1 loss with a solid win, and both Yokozuna won their matches handily. Asashoryu defeated Russian Wakanoho (who is a very annoying young punk-bitch) to get back on track, and already the Yusho race is shaping up.


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          Sounds cool. How are you watching it?


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            Sattelite dish. We got it just to watch the Sumo.


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              So, does anyone give a crap about this? Should I continue to provide reports on the tournament, or just STFU?


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                I don't know much about Sumo, but I was following your first few reports with interest.