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      from the mma standpoint?

      two cents again.. There are many interesting viewpoints here, from mma perspective and since the Firemans is a push/pull type throw, I have my guys set it from the muay thai clinch i.e as I throw right knee and left knee, then step back and pivot with my left leg to bring him around, the moment he steps "his" right knee forward is when you would use the firemans penetration step. the left hand would have to slide from the base of his skull, to the inside fulcrum of his right arm to provide the arm control.


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        As soon as you grab the wrist you're already changing levels and shooting. It's the first step in the chain of the move. If you don't grab and physically move the arm they'll use it to stuff the shot. Grabing the wrist hard and moving it out of the way clears the path to come through the crotch, you have to clear and then pull his trapped arm as hard as you can (it's helping load him on your shoulders just like hitting the crotch is the other end of the tilt).

        The firemans carry is a real low percentage shot, because it's a low percentage shot there are serveral ways people have invented to raise it's sucess rate, even a little bit. Coming hard through the crotch rather than snaking the leg is just one of many. But I'm confused how you even get in to the crotch without clearing an arm, and keeping it. Unless you're wrestling a chump, noone should get deep enough to even start a fireman's carry without clearing an arm.

        PS, if you're doin it mean, when you grab the nutz your arm is folded. Your shoulder is in his bladder. Not in his chest trying to reach for 'em with an extended arm.


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          The key to executing something like a fireman's is timing, not forcing it and muscling through. And clearing the arm doesn't require squeezing the shit out of the wrist. That's really just going to telegraph what you're up to and elicit a natural reaction likely to get you jammed up on the way in. You're better off taking that shot with elbow control anyway. Wrist control leaves too much room between you. And even worrying about the nuts is stupid because any of that nonsense is only reducing the chances of finishing the shot and increasing the chances of leaving you in a bad position.