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  • Karate Sim Online, updated!

    Check out the new updates! at

    Dear reader,

    I would like to inform you about the recent updates that have taken place at Karate Sim Online! You may or may not be aware of these drastic changes, but if you are not then you are strongly advised to come take a look and experience the makeover the game has been gone through.

    New duel system
    The duel system has been updated just today! A lot of new features have been incorporated into duels to make them a lot more involved! These features are meant to mirror reality close than before, and include:

    # Setting a type for your duel: either kumite or kata
    # Setting tactics for the duels to influence them
    # VIP members can change the type of a duel
    # VIP members can reject a duel without affecting rankings
    # Results of held duels are more detailed now

    And overall, the entire duel system has been given a new layout which is clearer and easier to use.

    Fully functional VIP System
    As of recently, the KSO VIP System has been taken into place, allowing users to access special functionalities or services whenever VIP membership is obtained. Some of these special functionalities include:

    # Use of the Zen Garden to relieve stress and obtain morale for matches
    # Organise seminars and set your own properties for them
    # No longer lose skills on inactivity

    Of course, there will be much more special functionalities for VIP members only in the future.

    General updates
    Apart from entire section updates, some small updates have been made as well. Even though these updates are small, their effect may be great so don't forget to read this and keep it in mind!

    # Injuries now influence trainings and seminars greater
    # When having an injury, continuing to traing, fight or just be active increases the chance of more injuries
    # Dojo senseis can set a message to inform all their dojo members in the dojo properties section

    Check out the new updates! at

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