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    Hi everyone, this forum has a lot of information on all kinds of martial arts. I LIKE very much!!! So I'm sixthangel, I'm 27 living in Illinois. I trained in MMA and BJJ for a while and loved it. I stopped for a while but I want to start doing it again. It kinda scares me though when sparing with people. I spared with this one guy and he almost dislocated my jaw...that hurt like a bitchhhhhh. I almost cried. I like the sport but I'm just not good at it. I don't know if I naturally suck or not strong enough or just don't learn. So my question is how long does it take to get better? I trained for about 6 months in BJJ and about 3 in Muay Thai. I didn't see a lot of improvement. One other thing, I want an honest opinion, do you get scared when you spar? I mean it hurts, it's fun but I get bruised so easily and it would take like 5 days to get over the pain every single week. I know I sound like a whimp and I think I am...but I like just scares me when I fight with people. Any advice to get over this fear? Or do you think I should take up self defense class instead?

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    Thanks !

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    It sounds like the schools you trained at were not a good fit for you. I think sparring is a pretty important part of training if for no other reason than it gives you good feedback about your technique. However, I don’t think it is generally effective to force people to spar before they feel ready. I think you have two basic choices about sparring; choose a school where you don’t have to spar, or change the way you experience sparring.

    I know when I started thinking of sparring as direct and honest feedback on my technique, I made much better progress in my martial arts. Something about punching people in the fist with my face helped me to better understand the corrections my teacher was always making.


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      Hi nice to meet you. Welcome aboard to the forum. Enjoy.


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        welcome sir
        nice to see you.


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