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    Originally posted by 3mptin3ss View Post
    or what about this style?
    lol... I had a gf who liked that hair-style for some reason.


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      Originally posted by Bjjexpertise@be View Post
      Yeah I used to have a completely shaved head when I was in middle school and all the girls would ask if they could touch it . Next time a chick asks me that I'm telling her "Only if we can go back to your place". All hail the shaved head!
      Nooooo...that's not proper. She'll give you a dirty look and walk away!

      Proper responses:

      1. "Well...since you asked politely.(pause).....ok"..(let her rub away!)
      2. "How does it make you feel...your hand, that is?"...(your settin' up a mood! )
      3. "Ok just this once"...(let her rub away)...then explain that you tend to reserve the head rub for the most attractive women....(makin' her feel special )


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        Emptiness, did you find that photo from some porn site lol?

        Yes Tom, I like your responses. Tell you what, I'm going to use each response 5 times to see how random women react to it .


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