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    The smartest approach for home protection is what the Police refer to as Target Hardening. Some people have already mentioned some key ideas on here:

    - Have a clear, visible alarm system that is armed and functional
    - Dogs are always a good deterent, not because of their size or their bite, but because of the noise they make
    - Spend a few quid on solid, double locks on all doors and windows, and keep them closed and locked
    - Don't advertise high value goods, like leaving the curtains open on a night with your 60 inch plasma screen on display for all to see
    - Keep a keen awareness of any individuals, groups, vehicles etc that seem to be hovering around your home

    Much like personal self protection, home defence is about prevention. Make your home appear to be a hard target, and let them move onto to a softer one.

    I definitely endorse a dog, and its not about anyone being stopped or bitten by a dog, its about prevention. Once a dog has established its scent in a home, this is his territory. Their natural instinct is to protect that territory, and they will warn anyone unfamiliar who gets too close with loud barks and growls.

    I had a dog for 13 years, and he had the kindest nature I've ever seen, a total softy if you knew him. However at night, if he saw, heard or smelt anyone come close to the house he would bark and growl as loud as he could until they moved on. Sometimes this annoyed the hell out of me, but on at least three occassions when his barking became very aggressive I woke up, switched lights on and saw cars pulling away from the house at speed.

    The best alarm you can have.