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  • Running

    Just broke a 7:00 mile (6:58). Its been a while since I've done this.

    I've been running 5-6 days a week atleast 2 miles per day. Its been a little uncomfortable, but I guess that's the price you pay if you want to improve.

    Does anyone else out there do a lot of running? What is your routine?

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    I run every other day 2 mile intervals, then walk 1 hour on off days.

    First Mile:
    Jog (Light Pace) 100 meters
    Run (Medium Pace) 100 meters

    Second Mile:
    Jog (Light Pace) 100 meters
    Run (Medium Pace) 200 meters

    Basically, indian sprints to build my stamina. I hate just running, I have to do something to mix it up.


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      Got my run time (treadmill) down from 14 to 10 minute mile in about three weeks, and for the past week I've been doing intervals (on Mike Brewer's recommendation), 15 seconds of sprinting, 45 seconds of jogging, for twenty minutes (had to start at 15 but am up to 20 now). I had to switch to the elliptical for this cos the treadmills won't program that way. Anyways, hopefully this will improve my run time, I'll check again at the end of the month.

      7 minute mile is my goal for 2006. Great job, by the way!!


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        I like jumping rope a lot more than running, I would recomend it to someone who needs conditioning but doesn't like running or might want to mix it up. Jumping rope gives you some room to mess around with fun tricks and cool rhythmic steps and moves, like dancing, only... with a rope and stuff.


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          Originally posted by treelizard
          7 minute mile is my goal for 2006. Great job, by the way!!

          Ok, lizard of the tree I'm challenging you to meet your 2006 goal of a 7 min mile. Are you up for it?

          I want to see some updates.

          I will also meet your challenge with my own challenge. A 6 min mile. 6 min flat. That would be my best time ever.


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            Challenge accepted!!

            And I want to see your updates, too.


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              i dont get a lot of time to go running, but i run about 5 miles twice a week.
              other times uphill sprints are pretty much all that i have time for.


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                Originally posted by treelizard
                Challenge accepted!!

                And I want to see your updates, too.

                I finished 2.5 miles in 19:37. I covered the first mile in about 7:20 so I had to slooow down. Average pace 7:44 per mile.

                After the run, I proceeded to do supersets of calisthenics:

                pullups 16
                pushups 62
                situps 60 - pain starts here
                bar dips 22
                chinups 12
                hanging leg raises 12

                Rested for about 3 minutes

                Pullups 11
                pushups 44
                situps 48
                bardips 18
                chinups 9
                hanging leg raises 10 - little bit of dizziness, excesive dry mouth

                Rested about 7 minutes

                Pullups 9
                pushups 35
                situps 30
                bardips 12
                chinups 8
                hanging leg raises 7

                Hit the shower


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                  Originally posted by treelizard
                  Challenge accepted!!

                  And I want to see your updates, too.
                  My undisciplined, lazy, unmotivated self needed a break from the running, especially from the hard turf, so I swam.

                  I swam 1600 meters (1 mile) in 400 meter intervals (16 lengths). Afterwards I did some dry land ab excercises until I couldn't handle it (about 45 minutes).


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                    Yesterday: interval training on the elliptical, 15 seconds of sprinting, 45 seconds of jogging, 23 minutes. That's all I did, but I got to the gym, which was a huge accomplishment because it was a crazy day.

                    This morning: 1 hour of pilates, and then three circuits on the weight machines (15 machines, 10-12 reps on each of them, anywhere between 30-50 lbs, but I need to come up with some alternate exercise for the one I can only do like three reps on the lowest setting).

                    The next four days will be a challenge--*tons* of FMA homework, family visiting and I want to get to the gym at least twice...

                    Found this cool article on endurance running:


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                      800 meter warm-up run

                      12 x 100 meter sprints - I was trying to keep up with a friend who was a really strong runner!

                      Situps 60 in 2:00
                      leg raises 30
                      flutter kicks 30 seconds
                      side situps 50
                      side bends 50
                      crunches 100
                      back extensions 30

                      The plank - a static ab excercise 2:00


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                        Heh I like your idea. Tom are the hanging leg raises you're talking about, the ones for abs where you lift your legs while resting your elbows on something? Just want to make sure. I can beat you at situps I did 72 in 2 mins.

                        And treelizard, what kind of FMA do you take? And what kind of homework do they gave you lol.


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                          Over my four-day weekend... Day 1: FMA training, two hours I guess, with my training partner. My homework (that I unfortunately did not do as much of as I should have) is basically true lines, true lines, true lines, true lines, true lines, true lines, true lines. Did I say true lines? (As opposed to playing patty cake and making pretty stick noises.) Also some wrist and arm strengthening exercises, 8s, some drills, deflections, you know, Guro Dan's stuff. My ultimate goal is to see if I can maybe be like 5% as good as my instructor one day, and since he's half-Jedi and half Morpheus, it may take me a lifetime to get to that point.

                          Day two, long hike (4 miles but it took a couple hours because I just had to stop and talk about every single plant we saw.)

                          Day three I was off.

                          Day four was just the same ol' gym routine, 3 sets of the following exercises (except decided to mix it up a bit by increasing weight and decreasing reps on the 2nd and 3rd set).

                          seated leg press
                          seated leg curl
                          leg extension
                          hip abduction 1
                          hip abduction 2
                          rotary calf
                          torso rotation
                          chest press
                          pull down
                          incline press
                          row/rear delt
                          overhead press
                          arm extension
                          arm curl

                          I can actually do the fly thing now, which is good, at first I could only do like two reps... lol

                          And then after the weights I did the whole 20 minute interval thingy on the elliptical. I pushed myself harder this time and it kicked my ass again, but I wasn't as sore the next day (today) so that's good. Am gonna try to increase my distance during those 20 min.

                          Day 5 today I'm gonna practice true lines true lines true lines true lines on my own tonight, Day 6 tomorrow I'll do pilates and after that the same gym routine over again. I'll start tracking numbers so I'll have something to post when I improve in time/distance, instead of making everyone read the same "I did three strength circuits and twenty minutes of interval elliptical" routine over and over again .

                          Tom's exercises seem much cooler and more varied.


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                            I run a good bit; currently about 4-6 miles a day (very rarely I'll do 8-12 on a Saturday), 5 days a week, and try to do intervals at least one day a week, but I'm about as good about it as I am about flossing. My cousin is a ultra-triathlete, and considers my routine to be about as much of a workout as waving your arms around.


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                              I should probably add, lest it sound like I'm trying to play one-up or "look how much I run!", that I think I do tend to slack off on other things I should be a lot more consistent about, particularly core strength. I need to make some New Year's resolutions.