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just got out of my 1st fight in 6 years. Am i a wussy? Or should i be less wussy?

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  • just got out of my 1st fight in 6 years. Am i a wussy? Or should i be less wussy?

    Hey guys. i'll try and be brief. Last fight i had was 7 years ago in high school.. Some fat chinese punk kid was giving me shit about having hairy legs. I laughed at him since he didn't have hair and thus less manly. So i was walking up the stairs to an exam and he jumped me and punched me in the face repeatedly, i felt nothing... literally... it didn;'t hurt so bad and i wasn't knocked out.. anyway i threw him down the stairs and he backed off.

    BUT TODAY, was so different. i was walking past a couple and this guy kept eye balling me, so i looked back at him, and he was looking really aggressive at me, so we passed, and i turned my head to look at him, and he turned around and had his arms up rushing over "confidently" as if he wanted to fight. So i stopped and asked him wtf? and then he starts mouthing off at me, i didn't hear most of it until i took off my music ear phones. Anyway. So i just asked him "what the hell man, do u want to fight" But i really mean't it like... "Do you want a fight" like "do you want a glass of water"? I didn't mean it like I WANNA FIGHT you sort of thing u know?

    Anyway, so we're arguing about who pissed who off and who started it. And he keeps asking me if i wanna go and fight. So i say no way, it's stupid. and he says im young and he's 40 years old and coz i'm quite large i should have no problem.. and he said he was really angry and hot headed and was in the special forces.

    So we were eye balling each other and i was still thinking... "WTF!?!?!?"

    Action came when he suddenly pushed me. And i just go... "What the hell man???" "Stop this". And he started punching me or hitting me. He didn't go full on assault, it was more like...he'd come close and then hit me when im trying to talk to him.

    It was really fast and i back away and turn my head away to dodge the punches. And i think i took 2 punches, but i felt okay... like it was nothing. And then he kicked me a couple of times... i felt nothing... but i managed to grab his leg and push him away...

    Anyway, so i leave. And i'm with a couple of scratches on my face, i prolly got that from his watch. Otherwise im unscathed, but i really can't believe it.

    I made no effort to attack him.. coz i was still in shock!! And i was worried about the police and how a fight in the supermarket might affect my reputation at school and the deans list and stuff..

    But he was the one all the way who was attacking. I just took it (i mean i wasn't hurt), but i didn't fight back.

    So i am wondering. IF he was Special Forces... he prolly didn't go ALL THE WAY coz otherwise i might be dead meat lol...

    and plus i was afraid of doing anything in case he got me in some sort of Kung Pow death grip or some shit.

    God i really feel like carrying a gun sometimes for crazies like this...

    Anyway... my friend at the store said i got hit directly in the head at least once. But i guess i was lucky coz i didn't black out... i would have thought the guy's punches would have damaged me... but instead i got more from his watch than his fist it seems... especially if he's special forces


    im in shock now.


    I liked to think it good that i was the younger guy and i was more mature than this older guy.. Coz how the hell is it gonna look if some old man beats up a young kid??? OR if a young kid beats up an older guy??? Especially if he's special forces.

    So.. i didn't get beat up. But i didn't try to attack either way.


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    so if he went all the way; for a special forces guy... that means my reflexes at 18 must not be as shite as i think i am... lol

    And that means my skull is pretty thick still =)


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      You'll have something to laugh about when you heal up... Usually guys like him are the "wussy"... SF guy picking a fight with a young guy like you?

      Pffft. nothing but a thing. You should have hit him first and HARD! Probably would have prevented any damage to you...

      Or not?


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        Don't stare down stranger and if someone says something to you don't say "what the f@!k" when you couldn't even hear what they said over your MP3 player. If you hadn't been an ass-hole it wouldn't have happened it the first place.


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          Originally posted by Sagacious Lu View Post
          If you hadn't been an ass-hole it wouldn't have happened it the first place.
          really??? theres not a nicer way of saying this?


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            Originally posted by twtguy View Post
            really??? theres not a nicer way of saying this?
            If I'd been any nicer I'd have been less honest. There's more than enough real trouble out there without inviting it just to prove you're not a "wussy".


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              I probably would've decked him but good on you.


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                12 fat chinese people in the world and you got hit by one? ......Just kidding...


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                  oh and 40's not's the new


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                    He probably wanted to kick your ass because of the Black Tapout shirt that you were wearing.