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    im sorry if i say stupid things. i get bored and say the first thing that comes into my head. just ignore me and dont let it annoy you.
    Uhhhh...this is the internet. The very nature of the written word allows you to avoid speaking off the top of your head and making an ass of yourself due to impulsiveness. But I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.


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      teaching kids

      My company has a new DVD out on teaching kids BJJ and MMA


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        Originally posted by Crouchtig insignificant pestulant and ridiculously pousillanimous dimwit with a ludicrously undersized intellect.
        Did he just say that to Mousel!?!


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          I have been trying to find the same information about teaching kids non TKD or karate type training. I have been asked countless times when I would have a childrens program up and running for that exact age group. I take what excessive force says to heart as I see eye to eye with most of his posts.
          And Tim I like your forums as ther are not to many people swearing like on Sherdog.
          Also nice job on DVD, I have he Focus Mitt's DVD.


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            okay I realize this post is old. My son is seven and is in little warriors. ITs great for him because he go at his level he was in soccer for a few years and it was painful to watch all the other kids keep the ball away from him because he wasn't as good. He is pretty new to the sport and is just learning but he loves it, they do some punching combos in the mirror, some muay tai wrestling, he laughs hysterically during the wrestling as he is very ticklish no strikes and some fun games like british bulldog and dodge ball. So far he really likes it and its really good for his strength and cordination and self esteem.


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              So very mature! If you don't understand anything but the martial aspects, I do feel sorry for you, as you're missing out on so much!

              But go find another forum...and don't bug the grown-ups any more!

              Originally posted by Crouchtig
              if you want them to learn cooperation and teamwork then get them to play a team sport. martial arts is more of an individual thing.

              martial arts: arts used for fighting

              sports: activities used for excersice, recreation COOPERATION, TEAMWORK, competition etc

              tech your stupid kids a sport if thats what you want you insignificant pestulant and ridiculously pousillanimous dimwit with a ludicrously undersized intellect.

              this forum is dying
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                Tim back when I was low man on the totem pole at Master Toddy's, part of my duties to the gym included teaching in the kids class . anyone who has been to Thailand or knows anything about Muay Thai knows that the Thais start young.

                we would focus alot on discipline and as a reward for maintaining this discipline you got to do things like hit the pads or bags (we had speacil light weight cloth stuffed bags for the kids), I found that the children were ready to listen alot more than some adults! after some warm up excercises we would show some basic technique; very basic, then have the kids do it shadow boxing style but fairly stationary,taking time to observe and interact with each one, then we would form them into several lines and let them come foreward and do the technique a few times with the instructor watching and correcting them and using praise with placing emphasis on the more you were behaving and paying attention the more the got to hit the pads/bag. one of Master Toddy's main points was to instill discipline and manners in these kids and the parents were overwhelmed by the results, of course we couldnt do it all alone you had to have the parents on the same page, but you could actually see progress with things like patience with these kids.


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                  play as the way


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                    Originally posted by kooky
                    play as the way


                    I went and checked these out. The downloadable videos do little to sell me on them from the perspective of setting up a kids program. I saw the kids were having fun, and that they apparently did well in competition, I can garner the correlation there but I was expecting some more info on the meat around the system.

                    I am still interested though and the written descriptions on the page are enticing.