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      • Originally posted by Tameo
        Russ: Did anyone try and do anything?

        GM Cheung: No, because they already formed a circle. And also, I knew at least some of them had weapons. When they formed the circle, that's when I got some indication from their belts that they had something there.

        Russ: By weapons, you mean guns or?

        GM Cheung: No, they were armed with knives or something. See, and only during the last month or six weeks when I talked to another Wing Chun -- modified Wing Chun -- instructor, and he told me there's no way they would let me win, because they would come one after one after one for five or six times. If I beat up one, the other one would jump in straight away. And then another one, and another one. And then even after five or six, then the whole lot would jump in. There's no way they would let me win.

        Russ: So was he saying that he knew this was going to happen?

        GM Cheung: Yah, it was all planned. You know, they deliberately set the interview that the journalists was there.

        Russ: Do you feel this was a plan just by these guys that did this, or do you feel that Leung Ting was aware of this and had something to do with this?

        GM Cheung: Leung Ting was for sure behind it, and then this Keith Kernspecht, Leung Ting's student in Germany. They were behind it. But, because, well he didn't land any punches. I just happened to slip on the
        ground, and he was on top. And so, after they ran away, there was a little bit of chaos. But I told them "Don't worry about it, we'll carry on with the seminar." So everybody, apart from those people who ran away, everybody stayed. So we carried on for another 3 1/2 hours.
        In fact, during the break, after another hour and a half, during the break the journalist was asking for more photo's. So I had to pose for more photo's. And I'm sure at least one or two..maybe not all of them ran away.. because we don't know who they were, so they're still in the seminar. And then when I was posing for photo's for the camera, some guy yelled out-- oh, what about he got beaten up, what about this or that. So the journalist started asking questions. But I said, "There was a little situation, you
        know." I told them what happened.

        Russ: So what was your feeling at that time? Were you very angry?

        GM Cheung: Well, I was a bit disappointed more than angry. I was disappointed that...firstly, in Kung Fu, the respect towards elders, towards seniors is very strong. And they claim to be Wing chun people. Then to set up such an ambush. You know, I was a bit disappointed. And also, I felt that was a bit low because I knew there's no way they would let me have a fair fight because they had all these people there. And more so, because there were other disciplines there, there was some Karate and some Tae Kwon Do disciplines witness such behaviour. You know in fact, because I didn't know they were going to try something the next day, so I cancelled the next day. And about two weeks later, I got back to Australia, I had
        received about 10 letters offering their support, the people that attended the seminar.

        Russ: So once you returned to Australia, did you try and contact Leung Ting?

        GM Cheung: No, no, because I had some commitments in Sydney. So it happened to be Dave Cater and one of Black Belt's journalists was in Sydney. And we had lunch there. This was just like two weeks after the event.

        Russ: So they had heard....

        GM Cheung: Oh, they knew about it.

        Russ: What do you think, or what happened as a result of it?

        GM Cheung: Well, it just let everybody find out how low can Leung Ting get to. But I did have a meeting with my Association people, and we decided we would not go down to that low.

        Russ: I would assume a lot of your people wanted to retaliate?

        GM Cheung: Oh yah, but I told them no, I don't want that. See, you can only fight a dog down to the dog's level. So I told them no. But they did send letters, because they weren't satisfied. And this guy Emin, he sent a few letters stating he wanted another rematch or something. And I just told him, I said, "Look, you're not in the seniority to do a rematch." I gave him six photo's and six persons, if he wants to have a good fight just pick any of my instructors. Never heard from him since.

        Russ: But, you didn't want to fight a rematch, or?

        GM Cheung: Nah, nah, he's no match. He can't throw punches (laugh). I mean, I would not have granted him another opportunity to degrade martial arts.
        The whole episode took over 20 seconds to take place. I have seen both the unedited version of the event on tape, as well as the edited version available to the public (on Dynamic Wing Tsun). When we were on the ground, Boztepe threw seven or so punches and I blocked all of them. This is proven on the videos, because it still showed despite their editing. They cut out my kicking Boztepe when he first jumped in, and also putting him in a head- lock. They still could not make it look like I was hurt. The fact that I resumed teaching the seminar after the fight and had another photo session with the magazine in the break later only confirms that I blocked all of Boztepe's punches. But I still wonder whether Boztepe was hurt from the strikes of my knees.

        Russ: You didn't see this as a challenge match in the traditional sense, because it seems like from what you told me there wasn't the respect, this just wasn't a traditional challenge....

        GM Cheung: Nah. You can not challenge your senior. I would never grant a challenge to a junior. There are times and places for them to say things.
        See, Leung Ting is two generations from me. And this guy is another two generations down. If these things start to happen, the whole organization, the whole discipline will collapse. So, they have to go back and study the tradition.

        Russ: So it's 8 years later, how do you feel about this?

        GM Cheung: I don't think it really matters, because those people are not training in Wing Chun anymore. Well, they might claim to be teaching Wing Chun, but they're not teaching Wing Chun.

        Russ: As part of the Reunification tour, have you tried to speak to Leung Ting?

        GM Cheung: Yah, in fact when I was in L.A. two months ago, David Cater had told me that Leung Ting was also in town. I gave Dave Cater three phone numbers that he could get to me in three different cities. But I didn't
        hear from him.

        Russ: When you and Leung Ting were speaking, because you mentioned that earlier, what sort of relationship did you have?

        GM Cheung: Well, it was all right, it was quite cordial.

        Russ: Did he respect your seniority and your position, or was it just kind of where we both do the same thing?

        GM Cheung: He was always addressing me as Sisook, which is one generation away from him. So he always did that to skip one more generation. I mean, showing respect is not for the other people, it's actually for your self.

        Russ: So do you see him ever recognizing your total seniority and recognizing the Traditional Wing Chun family?

        GM Cheung: Oh yah, because nobody can change the truth.

        Four Stage Plan of Germany Ambush.
        1 foreigner goes to another country w/o backup or bodygaurds...another person takes 10-15 bullies including hisself to a challenge...who's the coward in this scene..?Judge not what you think you know.Ignorance is bliss...silence is more effective than blasphemy...


        • Originally posted by DAT
          Emin and his actress girlfriend Jackie Bisset are starting a new system. They can't decide between "Holly Chun" or "Wing Wood". The latter would be awful tough to pronounce in Chinese circles.
          This post of yours is actually 1 of the few worth reading...keep it going,we need more good humor and less haters in these forums...


          • Cheung vs Boztepe

            this may be a stupid question but does anyone know where the original unedited version of emin boztepe vs william cheung can be obtained from


            • Originally posted by curious#2
              this may be a stupid question but does anyone know where the original unedited version of emin boztepe vs william cheung can be obtained from
              ...if u get a hold of it let me know...I'll do the same...if ever.


              • nope, they didn't release the full version of the clip, the morons just cut part a part of the cclip to make it seem like cheung was getting his butt kicked, some of what cheung said does seem true, like the circle of people around him.and i guess that cheung did probably block all of emins punches because emin looked like he was having a hard time trying to punch cheung, and it does look like he was waring some slippery slippers because i don't think if your wearing snicker you would be falling like that unless ur very skinny and light. I probbably have to see the clip again but they took it off bullshido, but I think Cheung can back up what he says


                • Some people will believe anything......


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                    Hey Everyone,

                    I am now OFFICIALLY 20 years old ^_^!!!!!!!!! GOODBYE and GOOD RIDDENS teen years woohoo!!!!!!! (just smile and walk quickly past the crazy blonde lady)!!!!!

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                    • Hi you.

                      You'll always be a kid to me....... Mind you, I am 42 in about 3 weeks!

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                      • Lo

                        I think that Mr William Cheung
                        Know better then that. Yip man the student of The great founder of Wing Chun was taught the complete wing Chun, but I am sure that Williams should not talk about Yip man or anyone else in that matter about everyone's leaning of Wing Chun in this world. As I am also a Wing chun Sifu for about six years and also eight years in Seven stars Praying Mai and also other styles, and develop my own Kung fu which is called Chin-Sao.

                        Now I must say this give everyone a change to speak with-out pointing fingers at each other, is Child play and not what Yip man wanted to hear or see when he was alive. there will never be a Yip man nor the best in this world, because we are blinded by the darkness and we don't see the Light the spirit that lives in us.! there only Sheep that following but a Leader will always share their knowing to all human kind, there is no secret in marital arts since the 1900. Now today every can learn and find the right path to each person future, as I am a actor and script writer and Director of feature films and a marital artist, who know what wrong in today world of marital arts is that we copy every one else and we don't think that we are hurting every one by doing these things. Bruce Lee is Bruce Lee Cheung is Cheung and Yip Man is Yip man Vincent Lo is me and these no one else, its just that every one is different, but under the Heaven and stars we are one family, it just that people are different. Rest in Peace Yip Man.And by the way the video of William fighting with that person, as an director there was no evidence of Williams face on any video, only a person who was wearing a uniforms, and secondly know one will ever know except who made this footage up!. William Cheung, you should be more humble and tell the truth but you see that darkness not the light, as that's why people will never trust in you.! Yip man taught anyone who wishes to learn and put their heart into it, for without spirit what else do we have!