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A Chinese Ghost Story about Ashtanga Yoga...or: Pakistani Power in JKD?

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    Both Crusader and Ashtanga05 give it a break please.

    Or if you want to discuss all this maybe best to do it with messaging not on this forum.

    No offence nor disrespect intended but you both sound like complete hypocrites who need to take a good look at themselves, before launching attacks on anyone else.

    Crusader you go on about Ashtanga's agenda and his character, yet you never explain your agenda? It also seems strange you completely refuse to answer any questions on your martial arts history from Ashtanga, more to the point would be that you pretend you never read them being asked in the first place. I don't agree with much of what Ashtanga05 or yourself has to say, but would have to agree with Ashtanga on that you are being very secretive , and seem to want to do nothing but argue with Ashtanga for the fun of it. Saying you are looking out for friends that Ashtanga has said things about doesn't cut it at all, I'm sure they are perfectly capable of speaking for themselves, and maybe you have emotional insecurities if you feel the constant need to get pats on the back all the time from people you claim to be defending. If you look at this thread you started before Ashtanga started posting on it, you will realise basically nobody had much interest in what you had to say hence few posting on it, so again please give it a rest! Thank you on behalf of all here.

    Ashtanga05, I've only seen few of your other posts and I'm not going to read through all of them for the sake of it, so I do not know where all this started. You are equally to blame as Crusader, it takes two to tango, if Crusader posts any more stuff or starts any new threads regarding you, don't answer them just ignore it, or take it elsewhere use the messaging to talk with each other. Nobody has much interest in what you have to say either. Your personal attacks on Crusader or anyone else aren't worth reading, opinions are fine but you seem to want to argue and put down people for no reason. Crusader may have started this thread, but you had to contribute to it , nobody has much interest in what you have to say either, so please give it a rest! Thank you on behalf of all here.

    If this nonsense keeps up between you both on this or another thread , you should both be banned permanently.


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      For Crusader and Ashtanga05 one other solution is to make up and be friends, agree you have differences but debating them is not worth it. For either of you don't take offence at me or anyone else saying give it a break, but people come here for discussion and it clogs up the boards when people argue. I only clicked on this thread because of the intriguing title, was wondering what it could be about, then find out it is basically few people arguing. If you both want to make up and be friends it would be for the best, same for any people that argue all the time. Don't take it personal either that I or others think you are both in the wrong, who has done more wrong if either, I do not know as I don't know either of you but if you are both content to argue then most would say you are equally to blame. If all these things Ashtanga05 is meant to have said or done are true from Crusaders posts, maybe it is understandable in some respect Crusader having a go at him, but it comes down to one mans word against another.

      I hope you will not both team up and attack me now. I was just saying what others were thinking as well time to give it a rest or it will just go on forever. You can contact each other if you want to discuss or make friends, or at least agree with each other not to keep arguing on the forum.


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        The thread title intrigued me which is why I looked at the thread so Crusader you may have script writing potential if you ever want to go into movies.

        Has anyone seen the movie 'A Chinese Ghost Story' from 1987 starrring Leslie Cheung, Wu Ma, Joey Wong. It is classic movie for that time, the effects may look little dated now but still very entertaining. It had two sequels as well just called the same 2 and 3. Both were good as well, though the first was bit better.

        That would be good way to turn this thread around to more positive note martial arts movies. Crusader as you had that name in title have you seen that film or you chose title for thread at random or from book. What do you think of it, what other films do you like? Ashtanga05 have you seen the film, what other films do you like?

        I have old VHS of Chinese Ghost Story but it is available on remastered DVD I have heard, though I have not come across it in stores yet. My VHS copy is subtitled with those real strain your eyes fast moving subtitles that don't sound very accurate a lot of the time. Do you mind subtitled films or prefer dubbed, I do not mind either if it is well done, nothing could be worse than watching very badly dubbed film or a subtitled one with hard to read subtitles or in broken english.


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          Hi DragonsWay,

          thanks for your feedback. I have a normal life with a family and job, and don't need pats on my back within forums. I'm pretty much aware there are no ultimate knock-down arguments on forums, and that we deal with big boys who can take care of themselves !

          This whole thing started about somewhere in the last year. I wasn't the only one this chameleon was going against, except that no one took him really serious very long, but that's not to say I do so. It was long since before Ash got the title "Baxtard's ass clown" on Paul Bax's board. It's no big deal, but Ashtanga has shown he really stops at nothing. Since he hurts civile rights which no one is going against by legal action, I thought he's maybe at least good for some joking. There is nothing to be afraid of, since Ash is just a coward who issue faked challenges of which he dictates the conditions, in the hope the other doesn't accept his conditions. When someone turns the table on him and invites him as Tommy's student John Conlin did, he just waits some time until it is forgotten. No one really persists after realizing he would just kick a dead horse.

          As for going for the bait "to be secretive" - to be nice to him is to be cruel to yourself, therefore why giving him any information? He's known for twisting words, and using any information he got for his negative propaganda. As for being fanatic or considering myself as some kind of autority / expert it's laughable, but why defending myself? It's him who has become fanatic about certain people, though in a negative way. It is him who wants some information, as he doesn't really know a thing. It is him who takes offense to people in JKD he doesn't like. He's just a mugger, a troublemaker with a bad policy, appearing nice to begin with posing strategic questions doesn't change a thing...

          You're excused because you cannot know it, but just ask about half a dozen people this forum (Garland, jubaji, ncgf, Tim McFatridge, JKDGuy, the rest I forgot), as well as the likes of Tim Tackett, Patrick Strong (and his student), the moderators on Tommy's board, and many members of Paul Bax's board .The list is long. Emin Boztepe has advised to not take this idiot any serious. Well, I don't, but his scorched earth policy wasted enough time and nerves, so why not poking some fun at him?

          What do you think, DragonsWay, is such a person worth the time and effort ?

          I'm not the only one thinking he is a no good person who should be erased immediately once he is detected. As the case arises each moderator will decide, of course, therefore they should at least know about the existence of such a fool, and his specific "handwriting". Though I stand by comment about the non-existence of real knock-down arguments, it's not a total no win situation.

          Thanks for your compliment, I just know the movie title. I cannot remember the last time I have seen a really good martial arts movie.

          Take care


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            I've found a good description of a certain kind of debater:

            "...I know some people have made up their minds and don't care what anyone thinks.
            It doesn't matter if what one says is really helpful, factual, and relevant and disproves the other person's argument, they just won't listen.
            Most of the time it's like talking to a broken record. You say something, they repeat their mantra. You say something else, and they still repeat their mantra. It is a no win situation."
            Wise words, thanks, Grand Dragon...

            That's what I encountered with Ash / Basil / JKDMaestro / Eshal / Sajid Khan / Reekie, therefore I stopped to be nice and polite to him. There are others who have no patience for a guy like him, and take him quickly off of their board.



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              Glad you did not take offence at me saying that and hope Ashtanga05 doesn't either. After reading what you wrote, I can understand where you are coming from. Best to ignore such people, and as you said they will get taken of the forum eventually. Others should ignore him also or anyone doing likewise, then they will just give up and go away as they may be seeking attention. No disrespect meant with anything I said, you seem like everyday guy on here, and if you don't want to give him or others information don't do so can appreciate what you are saying. Maybe next time people have arguements on here , I will stay out it just happened to look at thread with the title.

              I've not seen too many really good martial art films lately either, Tony Ja was good in Ong Bak but the kind of film you watch only for the action. Rush Hour 3 will come next year which I look forward too the first two were really entertaining, not really martial arts films but they do have martial action in them. Not martial arts either but will have fights in it the new James Bond film looks great and it is back to basics no special effects with stunts real stunt people doing them.