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  • Comparing kicks

    What is the most effective kicking art? And why?

    Well I say Capoeira, cause it has the advantage in the ground n can easily hit in the mid-section n the head.

    P.S. Im not tkdperson89.
    Muay thai

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    There is no such thing as the best kicking art.


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      Originally posted by kuk sool won
      There is no such thing as the best kicking art.
      Theres a thing called a opinion. So what do you think it is?


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        Here is a thought, isn't my opinion that there isn't a 'best kicking art'?

        Its all about how you train, thats it.


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          No you were stating it as a fact.

          And its not all about how hard you train in a art, cause theres still going to be others with better skills to take someone out. With little training than the other person.


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            Of course there is, thats half of my point!!!!!

            You really do not understand do you, there's very little differene between kicks, its all about HOW it is taught and HOW hard to train.

            You can't say a 'fact' is wrong, you can't argue my 'opinion' is wrong, therefore why are you persisting in telling my what i have said is incorrect?

            Besides if i was stating a 'fact' then it means it is recognised as the correct answer thusly making your arguement and question invalid.


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              I didnt not say a fact was wrong. I said you stated your first comment like it was a fact not a opinion and I didnt say your opinion was wrong. I just didnt argee on it then I gave my point of view on it.

              Also it sometimes doesnt matter how hard you train, because there is going to be a fighter with a advantage whom does not train as hard as the other person.

              Thus brings my question. What martial artist have the most effective kicking style, not the best. I just wrote that on the poll just for it to be there ok.


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                There is two things that can go against that, either you don't realise what 'effective' means or it can differ depending on the situation which would means its the best anyway.

                If you ask me an opinionated question the only way it can be answered is opinionated.... so how can i be stating fact.

                You haven't read what i have written properly please read it again and answer accordingly.

                Of course you are going to have disadvantages, if you had the advantage to begin with then there is little point in training, training reduces your disadvantages and increases your advantage thus giving you a more respectable success rate, THERE IS VERY LITTLE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN STYLES, PERIOD!


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                  I know what effective means. I'm asking what style that I have mention have the advantage between all of them when it comes to kicking.

                  I already told you. When you said your first comment you said as it was a known fact. And thats where I disagreed. Theres always going to be a best something out there even when it comes to martial arts.

                  And yea training can help to improve your disadvantage, but its sometimes not enough to win.


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                    And theres is a difference between styles.


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                      I'm done talking to you.
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                        so according to this post if you happen to be 1 month training in this magical art that has kicks which are so devastating that they eclipse all other arts then you can defeat those with years of training in the other inferior arts that have kicks in their arsenal?

                        where do I sign up??

                        btw you didnt mention any CMA (Chinese traditional arts) in your poll

                        you will now be attacked at anytime, anyplace by an army of Kung-Fu fanatics eager to avenge the loss of face which you have brought upon Kung-Fu!!!!

                        so I suggest you hurry up and figure out which art has these devastating unbeatable kicks cause yer gonna need em!


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                          Riiiite. Where the **** you got that by reading this post? O yeah I just forgot all about the Chinese arts sorry.


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                            Originally posted by B.Y.O.B.

                            P.S. Im not tkdperson89.

                            Are you SURE?


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                              Originally posted by Tant01
                              Are you SURE?

                              Im not,...reminds me of matt blakes "im real" testimonial in an early post that was completley unsolicited.