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Gracie Jiu-Jitsu vs. BJJ

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    was the kick for muay thai or capoeria then?

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      Bjj vs gjj

      People here seem to form the consensus that BJJ = GJJ.

      However all the BJJ schools I've attended cover mostly Sport BJJ and also no strikes (just grappling).

      GJJ covers strikes mixed with grappling right from the beginning and follows a progressive teaching style.

      So how can they be the same?


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        Correct me if im wrong since im new to it all but i believe BJJ is self defense martial art and is sportive while GJJ has come into existence by my making modifications in BJJ and it focuses on healthy life and use of body and mind to its full potential.

        I have a question on totally different topic though...

        I was wondering if anyone can suggest me a good place to get rashguards from. I checked out this website nogibjjgear they have got awesome collection and i just wanna know if anyone has tried and if they are good?