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    Originally posted by TTExcrement View Post
    I tried not to bring Brewer up .






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      I'm familiar with those claims, I'm also aware William Cheung claims WC is internal. The simple fact is the core movements and forms which comprise WC are not circular, the primary stance WC stresses insures the footwork isn't circular, and as I already pointed out, turning the hand over or folding/raising the elbow is not circular movement, it's beliefs like this that had Brewer asserting that Western Boxing was internal.

      Yip Man performing WC: YouTube - Bruce Lee's Master Yip Man Performing A Wing Chun Form - RARE FOOTAGE

      WC foundation is based upon the little idea form, here it is: YouTube - Wing Chun - little idea form(Siu Lim Tau)

      Neither Yip Man's demonstration nor the foundation form demonstrate that WC is a circular art, in fact they both show the opposite.

      If you look up WC theory it clearly states: Efficiency in Wing Chun is based on the concept that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Likewise its primary targets all lie along the "centerline" of one's opponent.
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        And on and on it goes...


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          Whatever. Too much whining.


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            Originally posted by PFSofPA View Post
            Whatever. Too much whining.
            In other words you're unable to defend your statement that WC is circular and that's where JKD gained its circular components.

            The principles of WC:

            # Guard the Center
            # Face the Point of Contact
            # Economy of Movement
            # Touch Reflexes: Chi Sao
            # Watch the Leading Elbow
            # Use Linear Striking Action
            # Avoid Fighting Force Against Force
            # Train to Use Two Arms at the Same Time
            # Uses Pressure Points to Make Striking Techniques More Effective
            # Uses the Same Meridian Pressure Points

            Wing Chun Kwoon - Theory

            BTW, Pointing out your inaccurate assessments of WC is hardly whining, whining is what you see from the sniveling lap dog following me around.

            Bruce Lee studied Tai Chi for nearly 30 years, that's a far more likely source for the circular component within JKD.

            Lei Mu Ni
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              and on and on and on...