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Wrestling as martial art

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    Originally posted by jubaji View Post
    Judo is not 'improperly done' when the thrower goes to the ground as well.
    I didn't say it was improperly done if the thrower goes to the ground.


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      Originally posted by Tant01
      Or you could just stomp it? In the old Judo kata you can find the influence that certain masters and students of Aikido have given to the Kodokan.

      That's "Judo"

      extend, twist, stomp.


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        Originally posted by Tant01
        "Stomp" tends to lead one to using the foot or heal or boot but really any weapon can be multiplied a bit by gravity. Wish I'd see more of stomp on a foot in the so called cage or octagon? Where are all the missed opportunities within the "rules"??? Clinch "this"

        I like to scrap the shin on the way to the foot stomp. It tends to lean the opponent into the head strike thats on its way.


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          Boxing as a mix martial arts


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