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Advice on supplement program ?

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  • Advice on supplement program ?

    I am looking at a few different options, just wanted some input. I just hit 51, still work out daily. Looking for I guess a combo of a testosterone boost, with strength and endurance/recovery increase to maintain my regimen. Has anyone tried bdg performance labs, the first thing that came up when I search this seems to fit just want some more input from the gurus before I buy lol. Any other options you guys subscribe to? I want something effective as well as safe of course.

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    Any supplement can be safer if you speak to a professional, but to hear other's opinions can't hurt either Personally, I started this supplement journey once I began working out at the gym. My body was in poor condition due to a disease I've struggled with, so I had to take them. First, I had a significant protein intake. That was the most important thing. It helped me with my weight loss and restoring my damaged muscles. After that, I started taking some beginner steroids to grow my muscles. I've always taken it easy, so I didn't have any side effects. You should talk to someone experienced. Testosterone can be tricky.Any supplement can be safer if you speak to a professional, but to hear other's opinions can't hurt either


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      Tell us about your attitude toward vitamins and supplements. I don't really believe in their benefits.


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        Supplements are necessary for everyone. Our bodies are not able to perform 100% of their functions. They need extra help. Consequently, people should do everything possible to keep their health in good condition. We are used to hearing that athletes use a lot of supplements to gain muscle mass. But everyone needs supplements and vitamins. As we age, it becomes more and more difficult for our bodies to perform certain functions. We have to take care to prolong the vitality and resistance of our bodies to various diseases. One of the preparations I take is ANS Botanics' lutein powder. Lutein for eyes: helps maintain eye health, prevent cardiovascular sclerosis, coronary heart disease, and tumor diseases caused by body aging. Take care of your health!


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          The thread is old, but maybe someone still needs to see this: it is better to talk to a professional before taking any supplements. A doctor or at least a person who works with supplements can choose the right one for you.
          For instance, I was advised to Buy Peptides as my first supplement because they are more natural and are easier for my body to process. It might be different for you, and it’s better to ask someone than to take supplements that will not work or harm your health. Everyone is different, and you need to be careful about any chemical supplement you take because it can significantly influence your body.