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Ending the fight with a hit or 2

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  • Ending the fight with a hit or 2

    OK, im no martial artist, but my dad was a cop, and they taught him all about pressure points and certain weak areas and all that. Whenever i do fight (like yrs between fights) i try to use those moves to end the fights quick. But i know im not an expert on this stuff, and i dont wanna end up seriously hurting ppl. I just wanna be left alone ya know?? Im no shit talker, and i never start fights. Im a really nice guy, and ppl just take advantage sometimes, and try to push me around. So, i need some experts in here to tell me how to do some of these techniques safely (or at least safely as can be) Like, in my last fight, it was against a really fat kid (im 16 btw) and i punched him in the throat. But when i did, he fell on the ground and he was crying because he couldnt breathe. I mean, i want my fights to be like that. No blood all over, or weapons or that crap. Just a short fight where i win lol. But i also don't wanna seriously hurt ppl. And that fight scared me cuz i thought i crushed his windpipe or something. So if i could just get some safe but effective techniques that would be great.....

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        um......thats not too helpful.....


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          KICK THE BALLS!!

          opps...pardon me...didn't mean to get vulgar.


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            awwww cmon, i wanna look good doing it too. If i just kick a guy in the balls, then i look like a chicken......and anyways, thats not cool, thats reserved for ppl 20 yrs older than me with knives or guns or something.


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              Errr....this really is the art of fighting without fighting!

              At the time of writing, I honestly have no idea! So You could try to learn a grappling system, which allows you to choke a guy out, or put him in some sort of lock until he cries!

              Or you could carry pepper spray.



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                sleeper hold (as seen in pro wrestling (WWF no wait noww its WWE, extreme)):
                put pressure in the sides of an opponents neck, starving the brain of oxygen. should quickly and painlessly knock someone out.
                one of my friends did it to one of my other friends and made him faint. not entirely safe but its their fault for starting it
                dont keep the pressure on after they faint or they die. dont release pressure too quickly or they could die.


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                  UH, I have to objectively disagree with the whole concept of this thread. However, what I want to know is, how do these confrontations every few years have to resort to physical violence? What context are we talking? Your post sounds like the typical after school brawl. Which are entirely avoidable, and are just guys fighting over the size of their package anyways. In the context of self defense, never apply more force than necessary. If this kid was coming at you to kill you, you respond with lethal force. If he has the hots for your gf, and wants to fight to see who the better man is, you be the better man and opt out. Shit, there's enough violence, challenge him to a game of chess.

                  Your father made a HUGE mistake teaching you these techniques. He had a lifetime of discipline and experience to learn when/how to use them. You're a raging hormonal wreck at this point in your life. I know his intentions were good, and I admire his concern for your well being, however, I seriously disagree with parents teaching kids how to "kill" cuz that's what he did. You are young, and you're judgement is still impaired. Additionally, today's culture has seriously embraced lethal force. Hell, I just started reading a book by Lt Col. Dave Grossman titled "On Killing" in which he describes the ways the US Army used to train elite fighters to come to grips with taking human life, making it an option, because for 98% of the population, killing is nearly impossible. He details the training program and materials they use to desensitize the Army Rangers, and then points out that most of these things already exist in today's soceity in video games and TV/Movies. In other words, generations are becoming increasingly more comfortable with the use of lethal force as a viable alternative to diplomacy.

                  Go find a school immediately, and begin training. Find a good school, learn discipline, and then reflect on the situations you used these techniques in about 10 years. I suggest Brazilian Ju Jitsu or Muy Thai, as they're generally geared to young men and teach 'pracitical' skills that you will feel you can begin applying fairly quickly.

                  Sorry, I have a problem with the whole "knowledge without discipline" thing.

                  I'm not saying you're a homicidal maniac. I'm just trying to show why this could be BAD and maybe get you to not punch a kid in the throat again. Cuz if I were that kid, and you went to punch me in the throat, your intentions as to "how far you will go to win" would blur between "injure" and "maim" and for self defense reasons, I'd be required to "maim" to protect myself. Again, you REALLY need to understand the disciplines of these things. They were taught to your father to SAVE his LIFE. You do NOT need them 99.999999999999999% of the time, hell, you shouldn't even know them without years of training.

                  arg.. sorry, I'm getting carried away. Please post a response to why you utilized these techniques. I'm just replying on a "worst case scenario" thing



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                    join a local martial arts club,

                    and learn dicipline


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                      Hi i'm new here and have no idea if this thread has been abandoned yet but i'll reply anyway.
                      So if i could just get some safe but effective techniques that would be great.....
                      I would suggest buying a book on Brazilian Jiu jitsu or another form of grappling. The reason being is because most school fights start with 1 kid tackling another and ending with the other mounting him and pounding away at his face. BJJ teaches you how to do locks that allow you to bring a world of pain to teh person and force him to give up without seriously hurting him.......unless that is if you press the lock too far. Bjj also teaches you how to fight on your back which you might find yourself doing alot of. Just try going to and typing in "Brazilian Jiu jitsu techniques"


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                        Simple crackin the jaw. You punched some young stupid ****ing kid in the throat>?? Thats stupid shit if it was even moderate strength it should be lethal. You better give praise to god for watching over you dumb ass. Chin is a good target, floating ribs, liver, kidneys, temple, ears, nose, sternum. Stay away from the throat,temple,& ears in a bullshit fight.


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                          I wouldn't reccomend hitting the sternum, a strong enough blow can kill. Many soccer players died this way.


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                            Ive broken two fingers ona guys sternum almost collapsing on him.


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                              Originally posted by Bjjexpertise@be
                              I wouldn't reccomend hitting the sternum, a strong enough blow can kill. Many soccer players died this way.
                              Well I havent heard of any.