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Ending the fight with a hit or 2

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    just remember this.
    Kick the guy in the balls and you win the fight. When the next day comes and he confronts you he will probably say, "you are a pussy because you kicked me in my balls and you fight like a girl."
    This is when you remind him that "Thats funny because you were the one on the ground cupping your mothballs crying like a little pussy." and then you kick him in his balls again.


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      After learning what ive learnt, i probably wouldnt kick someone in the balls. I definately wouldnt try to kick any of my classmates in the balls. Its very easy to counter.


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        Qouting Geoff Thompson: "I can some up self defense in five words. Learn to hit f***ing hard"!

        In my mind the essence of self-defense has 5 ingredients.

        In order of importance.

        1) Intelligence- Knowing when a bad situation is going on and leaving Listening to yourself). Leaving your ego at home. Staying away from bad parts of town and seedy bars/clubs. Verbal responses to calm a would be attacker down, running away. Etc. Etc.

        2) Mental toughness- Dealing with stress, adrenaline, anger, and fighting with determination and ferocity.

        3) Physical conditioning.

        4) Physical strength.

        5) Skills- Punching, kicking, techniques (ma training), and etc.

        These are the things I teach when teaching self-defense.

        I’ll take someone with 100% heart and 5 techniques any day over someone with 100 techniques and only 5% heart (I heard this somewhere but it’s very true).


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          well I got 3 out of 5 and that ain't bad right...right
          I mean I have to work on the intelligence part a little because sometimes those seedy parts of town can be pretty fun.


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            adacas, if you must- Then make sure you have some friends with you and Learn to hit f***ing hard"!


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              Umm, i just wanna stress again how bad it is to hit a guy in the throat and such, i had to go to court for putting a guy in the hospital, i had no experience in a art and in the heat of a fight hit a guy smack in the adams apple, luckily i didnt start the fight and the charges werent upheld, but to this day i still feel really bad about this...

              fighting is so easily stopped that all you are left with is regret, i am a very huge fan of "the art of fighting without fighting" so take that to heart, forget learning how to take a guy out in a hit or two, and learn discipline, its worth it on so many levels.



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                I had a friend who was small and skinny not a very big guy at all and definitely no threat to anyone. He has a very big mouth though, and people always wanted to beat him up. He has been in about 20 confrontations maybe more and has won them all. One day I asked him how such a small pipsqueak could survive all those confrontations. He said : “no one is fast enough to catch me”.


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                  Run Forest! RUN!!!!!!!!!


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                    I must admitt when I first read about you punching a fat kid in the throat, I was quite shocked.

                    I mean you are 16 years old and I asume he was about the same age. It is quite clearly just a school fight, and punching to the throat is almost as slack as kicking someone in the balls.

                    EXCEPT PUNCHING TO THE THROAT CAN KILL !!!!!!!!!

                    Seriously, you don't want to have killed someone by the time you are 16, I mean nobody would mess with you, but its not worth it. The guilt alone would be terrible.

                    Also from the sounds of it if the other guy is fat then he can't be that fast. I find that people will respect you more if you win the fight fair and square. Only use things like kicking someone in the balls if you know that he's better than you.

                    I am only 15 and must admit that I live for battle, however if violence can be avoided then thats the best option.

                    so summing up...

                    1) Avoid fighting
                    2) Don't use techniques that could kill someone
                    3) Fight fair if you are the better fighter
                    4) If he's better then you, then try a kick to the balls or something

                    5) Take out your sword and point it at him, I'm pretty sure he'll back off ......


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                      Zhou Yu

                      I agree in a school yard fight they are very rarely deadly. I probably would not advise someone to use lethal techniques unless your opponent escalated the fight to the point it was kill or be killed.

                      However here’s some points to remember in a self-defense situation.

                      Rule #1 in street fighting: There are no rules.
                      Rule # 2: Never fight fair!
                      Rule #3: Go on the offensive!
                      Rule #4: Don’t stop until he is no longer a threat or there has been a chance for a successful escape!

                      There are a few other good rules for street fighting but these are the first and most basic.
                      Of course it’s still best to avoid them in the first place.


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                        Exactly Quote"In street fighting there are no rules" Take advantage of that and you won't lose.


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                          I'd just like to remind everyone that this is a school fight we are talking about, not a street fight. Although when you enter a school fight you think to yourself "there are no rules", but in reality there are. If you have been in a confrontation at school at least once you would know what i mean. You feel like you have to do anything you can to win but at the same time not hurting the guy, which is physically impossible unless you stop it with a joint lock or a choke or something of that sort.
                          Ever entered a school fight and you're readyto kill the guy but you don't want to leave a mark at the same time? Those are actually rules but you just don't know it .


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                            well i am also 16, and to all of you out there not all of us are "hormonal wreaks" although many are.
                            How sad, In denial already . j/k.
                            Well, those "deadly" techniques you speak of will be hard for him to even pull it off considering he won't be able to practice them on anyone.


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                              ok i'm only 15 but i have had my share of school fights. I get into them all of the time and it's mostly the other people in my school starting stuff. Well i usually let them take the first shot so then i can have witnesses that they hit me first and they will get in the most trouble when we go to the office. then i just block there hits and only take clean shots that i know i'm going to hit. I don't usually go for the face to much i just go for the stomach because it will hurt at the moment but it usually doesn't leave permanent damage. That makes the person feel like crap because they just got nailed in the bread basket. Then if they are still going at it i might take a swing to their head to show them i mean buisness then put them in a sleeper hold and once they are in that position i bounce them off of any object close enough. Like the other day i had a kid in a sleeper in the hall and i just bounced him off of the lockers and the wall a few times and he just went limp and laid on the floor for a few minutes and then got up and left it at that. I dont go after people to hurt them but if they start with me then that's their fault!


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                                ok i'm NOT saying that i can beat up everyone in my school just because they don't know how to fight and i'm not saying that that is what i do all of the time but most kids ARE dumb and that is basically all that is needed to take them out of the fight. it works. Once you get a good sleeper on the person then you have control so bounce them around a bit.