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My renewed faith in Wing Chun

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  • My renewed faith in Wing Chun

    After reading all the negative feedback of WC the naysayers on this board wrote time after time, i started to question myself and wondered if these pple were right about WC not being an effective art as some others.

    Last week Master Joe Sayah came to my school to conduct a 4hr. seminar. The skill of this man both amazed me and rekindled my faith in WC. I never knew how effective it could truly be until this day. His speed was truly amazing and it is mind-boggling much better he is then any of the more established students that i practice with. He basically man handled 2 silver sash students by himself.

    My sifu told me many stories about him b/c he was once a student of Master Sayah's but not until last week did i get to see how skilled this man is. He shared many stories and views with us, such as his cage fighting career in Japan, his view on other martial arts etc...

    On a sidenote he ws in the movie 'Once Upon a Time in China' fighting Jet Li.

    So if any of u guys are lucky enough to have Master Joe Sayah come to town go. You won't regret it, you owe it to yourself if you truly want to improve your skills.

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    Which "Once Upon a Time in China" was he in? There are like 20 movies.


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      From my knowledge of Jet Li films, his OUIC series were:

      Once Upon In China
      Once Upon In China 2
      Once Upon In China 3
      Once Upon in China and America

      And there may be one where he is in London, as apparantly Wong Fei Hung had visited London.

      I think Yu Law is refering to the first of the series.


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        Originally posted by Yu Law
        He shared many stories and views with us, such as his cage fighting career in Japan,
        Working as a pet shop boy on the set of a movie with guys in giant rubber suits?

        Just kidding, man. I'm sure he's probably a quick fellow. Most WC masters are.


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          Yea i currently train under Master Joe, the movie was the China and America one.


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            So your faith in WC was renewed because you went to a seminar and someone told you how great WC was?.... Hmmm... No wonder they call it "faith."


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              Showed, not told.


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                Originally posted by Tameo
                Showed, not told.
                My apologies... Your faith is renewed now that you witnessed someone demonstrating WC on participants... Now I know why it's called "faith."


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                  Originally posted by pstevens
                  My apologies... Your faith is renewed now that you witnessed someone demonstrating WC on participants... Now I know why it's called "faith."
                  I didnt know boxing or kickboxing instructors never demonstrate anything on participants when showing a technique... Your point is retarded


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                    i heard of Master Joe, I hear he is very good if i llived in eninco I probaly would've been more then happy to check out his studio


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                      I'm a Wing Chun nay sayer. People who have been here a while know how hard I trained to try to make it work......

                      Leaving all that aside, I do think that almost anything could work on:-

                      Fellow "believers" and

                      It is false logic to assume that a top WC guy demonstrating on WC students somehow means it is verifying WC as a fighting art. I've just watched a demo video of a guy from another art controlling people with the power of his mind...... You guessed it, they were all his own students who were being controlled!


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                        Thai Bri:

                        r u really essential!!?


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                          WC practical application

                          WC's fighting skills work, Choy Li Fut's fighting skills work, Thai boxing works.... I don't care who you are or how much of a bad-ass you think you are, it's all in how/if you can apply what you know under the stress of an attack/fight. Like I've always told people, you can teach some one every fighting skill in the book, but if they lack that "killer instinct"(you know, too afraid to apply the technique so they hesitate, or don't follow through etc.) then it's going to be usless.
                          I've seen very skilled martial artists be awful fighters. They are usually able to parry and block punches, but throw none. When it came time to spply what they knew in a street fight they froze. Nothing wrong with it, it's just them being who they are.
                          I try not to put down any style because there are great attributes in each. I also think it's hilarious to hear "billy-bad-ass" in these forums put down WC or any other sytems for that matter. It's ok though, they're usually the same people who are at the receiving end of a few knuckles.


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                            Capt - whilst I agree that you have to have the necessary mindset to make any technique work (i.e. apply it against a real foe in a balls to the wall fight), that does not translate into any technique will work if you have the right mindset.

                            There is a difference.

                            Yes, I have been at the receivig end of a few knuckles. But no WC ones.


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                              I agree with you. Point well made.