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A Chinese Ghost Story about Ashtanga Yoga...or: Pakistani Power in JKD?

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  • A Chinese Ghost Story about Ashtanga Yoga...or: Pakistani Power in JKD?

    Another strike by ASHTANGA05:

    On Tackett's JKD Wednesday Night forum he recently posed strategic question and appeared as the nice guy at first, only to have its members have their words twisted later. A thing which is really beyond the borderline within his well-known dirty tactic to issue aggressively faked challenges, was to transfer an e-mail of his opponent to the teacher of this person in which he added things on this e-mail to the teacher, in which it would make the other look like he doubted his teacher's methods and his training times ! Additonally, he even contacted Rickson Gracie and Don "The Dragon" Wilson, invented rumors that his opponent has claimed to have challenged them ! You can read about it here:,,,

    However, I can't help but some thoughts came to my mind...

    You know, I somehow have a sympathy for this Ashtanga-guy. It's obvious he admires Bruce Lee for already a long time, which is nothing wrong. On the contrary - my sympathy for Bruce goes back being a 13 year old teen.

    If he was a private student of Emin for three years within the EWTO and not one of his own instructors, there's a chance he was primarily a dummy and sparring partner for a lot of bucks, while aiming at the very basics of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. There's also a good chance he attended classes of a British JKD Concepts school (probably Rick Young's and / or the Krauses). All of this without ever getting what he was so hardly striving for - a skill level close to Bruce Lee's (an equal one can't possibly exist in his mind).

    So, after having spent a hell of bucks and time he realized he has just become another medicore and meaningless martial artist never achieving a skill level or honors close to his beloved idol's.

    Eventually he became disappointed by all of his former teachers for that they could lead him nowhere near to become a honorable representative of his idol's legacy, even by the Inosanto Concepts lineage which you can clearly see by his postings on this forum (Deluxe Martial Arts, JKD section).

    So, what has been left after years of what he felt like being wasted time and money, after his dream - to lead an honorable existance as a teacher of the full spectrum of true Wing Chun and JKD, (as well as Ashtanga Yoga, ) maybe providing willing and grateful students with valuable means of self-defence and self-actualization - has been broken? - A shadow existence as a cyber ghost, haunting forums in a desperate and paranoid virtual battle for his idol's legacy against its alleged or real free-riders.

    I would still give some credit to this guy - if there was a Nobel Peace Prize in JKD I would award him with it.

    First of all he never fights, he neither creates any real physical harm, nor does he represent any real threat to anybody - no FISTS OF FURY, no BLOOD AND STEEL, no GAME OF DEATH at all. Secondly, only he manages it to unite different JKD camps / groups within the internet, at least for a peaceful co-existence, by bringing up feelings of solidarity. He even lets people talk peacefully again who were at odds with each other by forum flamewars.

    I wonder if he becomes someday the credits for this to the point that this is going to be celebrated.

    We could inititate a meeting with him as THE BIG BOSS sitting on a golden throne as a symbol for his armchair approach to JKD, surrounded by his chosen victims and opponents. The session will be started by him throwing the latest gossip and rumors into the room, then railing, ranting and swearing at all participants in his well-known and hopeless egocentric monologue. Whenever they try to reply, they have their words twisted hopelessly. After a while he will invite everyone to a group session of Asthanga Yoga to cool himself down. After he has finished this successfully there will be a tea ceremony like in a traditional CHINESE (Gung Fu) CONNECTION, by which the insiders ask him forgiveness for their very activities. Finally the group will award him with an alternative to a Nobel Peace Price, a JKD certificate with a mirror (you know, like in THE SILENT FLUTE / Circle of Iron, USA, 1978) and all of his alter egos printed on it - Ashtanga, Basil, Eshal, JKDMaestro, SammyD. (The German rapper), ReekievonNinjaKeekie, etc.

    If he has then entered a moment of enlightenment ( I give him a chance for that), the group will accompany him to Taco Bell for having a farewell dinner.

    Ash can then think about to fit into the eternal buddhistic circuit of things by repeating all of this, or doing something which a forum user once has advised him to do - to go into the mountains, having Yoga sessions, drinking his own urine, and becoming one with the universe...

    As he couldn't ENTER THE WAY OF THE DRAGON, he can maybe enter Nirwana...and hopefully stay there for his own good, saving him from a further career as the well-known laughing stock of every single JKD forum.

    End of story.

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    I like eggs........


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      Originally posted by GonzoStyles View Post
      I like eggs........
      sunny side up?


      Most of the time I enjoy scrambled eggs with toast and turkey sausage for a good, wholsome and healthy breakfast.

      Now if I'm waking up from a night out on the town, I like sunny side up with lots of toast, maybe some ham. Then using the toast to soak up some o that yoke!


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        too bad

        that every1 who wants to have a serious discussion or fruitful
        exchange of ideas on the internet has to fight thru trouble makers.
        Maybe that is the nature of the medium


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          'Paki Power' is an incredibly racist & derogatory comment to make in the first instance.

          You really are on a Crusade and can't give it a rest can you?

          The facts :-

          1) You got 'your ass handed to you on a plate' in discussion and debate with me, and unfortunately your fragile ego cannot take it.

          2) I openly challenged you to meet and test your skills, you refused and made numerous lame excuses! This can be seen clearly on another forum. When I pointed this out publically and asked you to basically put up or shut up - you then did a sudden U-turn to save face & then pretended to accept the challenge , suddenly becoming Mr Tough Guy.

          Those are the facts of the matter.

          It is also widely known you have severe delusions of grandeur you are the Number 1 or one of the leading authorities on JKD & historians on BL in the World, many have said this.

          Regarding my credentials actually I was full Instructor in WT , and did indeed train with Emin Boztepe for few years in Germany & U.S. I did not grade for TG levels under him though. My name is Peter Daniels , I currently reside in Birmingham, UK, sometimes I live in London for work; not that hard to find. Actually, I've trained with many JKD guys, my skill level in martial arts is regarded by others that have seen and trained with me as very high actually.

          In all your posts you use an awful lot of circular reasoining and similar 'smoke screen' tactics, e.g. regarding Tommy Carruthers certifications (read it here on this forum) you discuss and debate his certifications WITHOUT actually ever just simply saying who you believe he is currently certified by. That would be the easiest course of action to take in such discussion, but clearly not for yourself; you went on about Tommy being on Ted Wong's former site (and so what?), but neglected to mention why he is not on the current one, you went on about Gary Dill but neglected to mention why Dill no longer recognises him & in fact tells people to avoid him like the plague.

          Just to show again clearly the circular reasoining tactic you employ very regularly - who is Tommy Carruthers currently certified in JKD by? Especially certified to teach. You will either not answer, post a long post without ever actually answering it, or such like.

          I have said exactly who I have trained with , etc ; whilst you are continually evasive about your martial arts background? What do you have to hide, as you are a real 'know it all' self proclaimed leading authority on JKD & BL , you must have an impressive training record. Or are you in fact the person you mention earlier, the one who never quite made it, trains little, and likes to debate on forums rather than train?

          You said you did WT , with whom & what TG grades did you reach? Or only student grades. You do JKD (or talk a lot on it at least) - whom did you train under & for how long, are you an Instructor under anyone? Again watch out for the evasive tactics and circular reasoining, and expect of course no direct answers.


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            Just some more stuff made up by a fake who issues faked challenges as those to some members of this board, but shew the white feather as Tommy's student called him. Hey, what happened to his invitation as Glasgow is not overseas?

            "Peter Daniels" is not your real name, as you aint real, man. Or am I wrong that you're a man?

            Just an example of a big load of doctored stuff, sent to a student of Pat Strong just shows what a sick individual you are:

            From: "PeterDaniels Daniels"
            Sent: Friday, October 06, 2006 12:26 PM
            Subject: Re: Wed Night Forum

            > Hi Rafael,
            > I am still shocked and stunned at your utterly disgraceful conduct, and
            > feel very sorry for your Instructor Patrick Strong, having a student such
            > as yourself. I think you have deep rooted problems too, first the Jekyll
            > & Hyde act on Tim Tackett's forum, ranting & swearing like a school kid,
            > then pretending to be all nice, even praising Tim's books. Is not exactly
            > indicative of a well balanced individual.
            > Then you said you doubted Patrick Strong's training times in email, and
            > then deny you said it - that is the lowest of the low. Worse, though I
            > never saw them I persume you altered some of my emails then sent them to
            > Patrick, to make it look like you had never doubted his training times.
            > Shameful behaviour. Patrick is your instructor, so sure he will probably
            > believe your version, you know the truth though, that you did doubt his
            > training times, and then tried to cover your tracks.
            > You also said you had beaten Rickson Gracie at his gym, Don Wilson in
            > Kickboxing, and a King of The Cage champion in MMA competition. After
            > mentioning this on Tim's forum you denied all of that, then admitted
            > beating the King of the Cage champion but changed it very conviently from
            > competition to the street, so as to avoid any proof like event, date, name
            > of opponent.
            > Using reverse psychology anyone with a modicum of intelligence would
            > realise you are not telling the truth, anyone would have laughed it off or
            > ignored it, or responded once; not responded several times in email & on
            > the forum repeating the same things and protesting your innocence.
            > Incidentally, you now have lifetime ban from 4 prominent JKD organisations
            > should you ever attempt to join them, I am awaiting confirmation from 7
            > others that should also want nothing to do with you. In the JKD world, I
            > am very respected and know a great many people, a simple phone call or
            > email with a name, is suffice for people to want nothing whatsoever with
            > that individual. The 4 thus far, if you attempt to join them, attend
            > even a class or seminar, ask anyone to do a seminar in those
            > organisations - you will be told they want absolutely nothing to do with
            > you; will let you know on the other 7 am still awaiting confirmation they
            > will also give you lifetime ban. I did not even need to go into detail
            > or give reasons, they know me and respect me ,that your name alone was
            > enough.
            > I fully expect you will do something like alter my email again, maybe to
            > fake confession from me that it was me that altered your emails? Even
            > though you know for a fact, I did no such thing, and it was you that
            > altered emails to cover your tracks.
            > Be my guest , if you want to alter this email , I won't contact Patrick
            > Strong again, so feel free to do so with it.
            > Regarding the challenge, you have been quiet or rather silent on this
            > front, I think deep down you aare aware that you are not a particularly
            > talented martial artist, those I've spoken to that know you describe you
            > as very average indeed , with delusions of grandeur that you are better
            > than you actually are, which might explain the ranting and raving, and
            > tough talk attempts.
            > Several people I know that saw your messages on Tim Tackett's forum,
            > contacted me with support saying your conduct was disgraceful, and Patrick
            > Strong should be deeply ashamed and embarrassed to have such a student
            > representing him in public. As they say 'you can fool some of the people,
            > some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time',
            > many see through your charades.
            > Again, please alter this message as much as you like and forward it to
            > Patrick Strong, as though he does support you as you are his student, in
            > the back of his mind, he does have his own doubts that you did indeed
            > badmouth him in emails and said you doubted his training times. You know
            > you did badmouth him, the fact you went to such elaborate lengths to cover
            > your tracks is astongishing but disgraceful behaviour.
            > The fact that you showed zero respect for Tim Tackett, behaving like a
            > schoolkid ranting and swearing, on his forum, is very shameful behaviour
            > too. If Patrick Strong suppots the way you conduct yourself , then I
            > feel genuinely sorry for him.
            > Bye,
            > Peter Daniels.

            >>From: "PeterDaniels Daniels"
            Sent: Sunday, October 01, 2006 12:32 PM
            Subject: RE: WEASLE

            > Look, you messed with the best and got laid to rest. I do not especially
            > like discussing with very much Intellectual inferiors like yourself,
            > consider yourself fortunate I did and I hope you have learned something in
            > the process, pherhaps some humility and respect also. I am a highly
            > skilled Mass Debater , you on the other hand are a highly skilled
            > Mas-tur-Bator , that is something very different indeed. Come back when
            > you have an IQ , in the meantime BITE ME POOPY PANTS!
            >>From: "r figueroa"
            >>To: "PeterDaniels Daniels"
            >>Subject: WEASLE Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2006 09:07:23 -0700
            >>Do you think this is some game ? You keep on with your lies .
            >>Hey when can I expect to fight you ? After all your bringing the camera
            >>and friend .
            >>Your not going to weasle your way out of this one.
            >>----- Original Message ----- From: "PeterDaniels Daniels"
            >>Sent: Friday, September 29, 2006 4:25 PM
            >>Subject: Wed Night Forum
            >>>Hi there Rafael , you little FAGGOT BASTARD!
            >>>Where are you? So you can designate a place, so I may designate your
            >>>Nothing like some loudmouthed Gayboy on a forum in need of a lesson in
            >>>humilty, and in the martial arts.
            >>>You won't be a problem trust me. I neglected to mention also I competed
            >>>2 years in MMA, and won a lot, competed one year Kickboxing in the ring
            >>>before that.
            >>>When we meet one condition , it is filmed I will bring someone, and will
            >>>post it on the net. Oh and of course , no mats hard floor & no
            >>>protection of any kind, and no rules everything goes.
            >>>Will be fun.
            >>>Be a man, and respond to the points regarding that fucking old fart
            >>>Patrick Strong - in the Wed night forum (respond there for all to see ),
            >>>an out & out fraud & charlatan one of the worst in JKD. Full marks to
            >>>you for admitting you train under that turd. It is fucking jokes like
            >>>Patrick Strong , along with Gary Dill , etc that give JKD a real bad
            >>>name, like Strong Dill is a piss poor martial artist.
            >>>Await your response, in the meantime, **** right off and die, quit
            >>>bumming your gay friends & go train.

            Well, this is tough and bizarre talk...

            1.) Can you name the "4 prominent JKD organizations"?

            2.) Why were you banned on Bax's as well as Tackett's forums?

            3.) Why do you back up your statements on the expense of Gary Dill as you call him a "fucking joke who give JKD a real bad name"??


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              Well, one of the board's moderators called you "just another nutter"

              Let's leave it as that..


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                Call me Psychic! There you have it Crusader (Andreas Mersch) summed up nicely - post anything talk about anything just don't answer any direct questions.

                As I predicted more 'smokescreens' to hide not giving answers to the simple who have you trained with , etc.

                His next post he will do the same, and the one after that and so forth....... ad infinitum. Everyone here gets the point - you like debating and talking about JKD , but have done very little in the way of training - hence being unable and unwilling to state exactly who you have trained with and for how long. And to state what qualifications you hold in any martial arts, or whether you are an Instructor in any.

                I don't blame you either, trying to be a 'know it all' on JKD & BL but actually practicising very little goes flat out against all BL stood for - 'knowing is not enough, we must do (apply)'. The fact you go to such dramatic lengths to hide your martial arts background speaks volumes - you obviously have very weak m. arts background, and stating exactly what you have done would make you look rather foolish.

                As can be seen in the videos with Tommy Carruthers , you are guy with glasses looking out of shape and bit overweight (George Michael lookalike i.e. very gay looking), standing like a school kid looking awestruck at the amazing Tommy.

                If you are such a great JKD man, and so knowledgable - why are you not an Instructor under Tommy Carruthers or anyone else in JKD? Why not get out and practice it hard instead of lurking around forums discussing it? These are mysteries that will probably never be explained.

                It is rather ironic you talk of challenges too, you ducked a direct challenge with me , when I stated that publically - suddenly you became Mr Tough Guy and pretended to accept; previously you made all manner of excuses. Even more ironic is that as you well know your hero - Tommy Carruthers ducked out of direct face to face challenges with Rick Young & Mark McFann (easily verified contacting either is easy), like yourself he made all manner of excuses, and did not have the courage of his convictions to repeat the numerous negative things he had said about JKD Concepts, Dan Inosanto, etc face to face - he actually crumbled so badly and was visibly shaking and afraid he even said he loved Dan Inosanto, and wished he was an Instructor under him! Unreal as Tommy criticises JKD Concepts constantly and many people doing it - on his forum and to his students. Very strange and ironic too, when he claims Original JKD is just for the street, etc.

                Your first post the racist 'paki' comment was out of order and if it was even an attempt to be witty, intelligent, or humourous I'm afraid it failed miserably on all counts, and one can only feel sorry for you. Maybe its the language problem, you are German and it's not your first language.

                I WILL NOT POST AGAIN , UNLESS CRUSADER (ANDREAS) STATES - exactly who he has trained with in martial arts, for how long, what his qualifications are in any art, Instructor under whom??? As I correctly predicted the last time he will avoid answering those very simple questions - he has after all a lot to hide, and in order to at least try to maintain the self proclaimed status of top JKD & BL historian he is not willing to disclose such details. As such everyone can see the sort of person he is, and draw their own conclusions - anyone talking a lot on forums on martial arts that goes to such elaborate lengths to avoid divulging details of their m. arts training background is clearly doing so for a reason.

                Incidentally, Andreas you are clearly deluded and under the false impression that people are very interested in anything you write, such is not the case. Your first post here had zero point, was not remotely witty or funny (assume it was meant to be , hard to tell actually), just pointless.

                Okay so ask more questions, post long post of nonsense, use circular reasoning - any tactics ; are what Crusader will do next post as he did above to avoid answering simple questions, just watch.....................................

                (I have said my peace, and trying to discuss with individuals like Crusader is a serious exercise in futility, so let him post whatever he likes boring people to tears inthe process and of course you've guessed it avoiding at all costs stating his m. arts training background).


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                  Is this crap starting all over again...come on man...can someone do something about this and not let this thread turn in to another locked down thread because Ashtanga and others can not keep from fighting with each other. Ash you are complaining that crusader is not being forthcoming with all of his martial arts background...who he trained with or what he trained in. On the other threads that you posted in that are now locked and closed it took you about three pages of people calling you out and asking you for the same info before you finally came out with your training background and on those threads you never gave your name. I say drop the whole thing and move on to another topic. Neither one of you are ever going to agree on anything! On that we can all be sure. Ash, you are never going to like Tommy Carruthers and you are never going to like Dan Inosanto or Larry Hartsell or anyone who trains uner them because in your mind they have done more to hurt JKD than just about anyone. Crusader you are never going to like Ashtanga because you do not trust him nor believe him. Ok...we all understand that. Ash has had run ins with several of the members on this the end he is completely entitled to his opinions and his views and we can not change that and it does no good to argue about it on here. Drop the subject and move on to something that is more constructive and more beneficial for this forum and this thread.


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                    you're right. It's time to learn my lesson, too.

                    The guy turned yellow spine and when Rafael Figuera, Pat Strong's student accepted his challenge he tucked tail like he did with John Conlin and others. We all had this before. He wrote some long shit and a private message, but I'm just too tired....

                    The false stuff he made up was entertaining for some time as he was making himself the laughing stock of each and every JKD forum. Come on, it has become boring. On Tommy's forum he was prowling around like a vagabond, but they just erased this nutter instantly.

                    "Peter Daniels" or "Peter von Daniels" is a fake. He doesn't even remember the stuff he made up yesterday, or who he likes today. Emin Boztepe doesn't even know the name, and adviced to the members of this forum "to not take this idiot any serious".

                    Can't even write my name correctly. Spell ceck didn't work this time, Mr "intellectual superior" with "Mensa tested I.Q."?


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                      JKD Guy,

                      You are right! But note Crusader started this thread read his first post -pathetic attempt at comedy, and completely pointless.

                      SEE ABOVE Crusader once more posts anything to avoid revealing his martial arts background, obviously so poor a backrgound it would be too embarrassing to put down for all to see, especially when you are trying to put yourself across as a JKD expert & top BL historian (of which he is actually neither). Whats more every single person reading this sees it too, and wonders - why is Crusader avoiding those simple questions regarding his martial arts background what has he got to hide???

                      Again, call me psychic that I have accurately predicted in his next two posts he would avoid answereing those simple questions on his training backround, and I predict he will do it in his next post below this one! Don't be fooled he has a lot to hide and dodges questions like those for a reason!

                      As for challenges, again comical and ironic he talks of them. I challenged him, he made every excuse in the book not to accept - he was not a fighter, had no reason to fight, nothing to prove, etc; then when I mentioned it publically he became Mr Tough Guy Rambo pretended to accept to save face. As he talks of challenges he avoids discussion on his hero Tommy Carruthers being a coward and ducking out direct face to face challenges from both Rick Young and Marc McFann; and Tommy was visibly shaking and afraid , and crumbled so much he said he loved JKD Concepts & Dan Inosanto and wanted to become an Instructor under him! If you must talk on challenges look at bit closer to home as they say before you speak about others. How strange Bruce Lee No. 2 , and amazing martial artist (according to Crusader at least) Tommy would be visibly shaking, afraid and crumble so badly in the face of real challenge; especially as he claims his Original JKD is purely for the street?

                      Nobody is interested in this rubbish, you are right JKD Guy, but Crusader started this thread (just read his bizarre first post - witless, humourless & utterly pointless! Though I suspect sadly it was meant to be humourous very worrying indeed!).

                      ***** Again Crusader will post more rubbish boring people on here to tears, and again refuse to say anything on his martial arts training background - he has a lot to hide after all! Oh and of course ignore commenting on his hero being scared and turning down direct challenges. His tactics are becoming rather transparent for all to see.


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                        Well Ashtanga and Crusader atleast you both agree that this crap needs to stop.
                        As far as challenges on the internet we all know that they are always issued by people but are mostly never followed through with. Ash, I seem to remember several post where you were bashing Larry Hartsell and Dan and you actually offended a lot of people by your comments. Actually it wasn't what you said as much as how you said those things. And you had one or two guys come out and challenge you on here and then alot of private emails were exchanged between you and those two guys where you were giving all the conditions of the fight if it was to ever take place and it just continued. Now I am friends with both of those guys and have trained with one of them on a few occasions when he has made the trip to the place where I train. My point is, that WE ARE ALL guilty of letting our emotions get the best of us at one time or another especially when we are talking about a subject that we are all very passionate about. I also want to point out that when someone comes in to a public forum and starts talking in a negative manner about another instructor then it is to be expected for that instructor's students to get upset and try to take up for their instructor.

                        I am not saying that you can not say anything bad about other people in here just we keep in mind what we are saying and how it will be perceived by others that come along and read it.
                        We are martial artist and we should be better than that. This is the main thing that s wrong with JKD many people go around bitching about other instructors and spend to much time putting other instructors down. If we would spend as much time working on ourselves and our martial arts and work on improving our fighting ability as we do complaining then we would all be great fighters.

                        Always take the high road my brothers and always be the bigger person.


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                          thanks for being constructive. Unfortunately Ash is a really unscrupulous person who doesn't flinch from spinning intrigues, libel and slander, not even from illegal actions, and he won't stop until his true identity is finally revealed, as it wasn't enough to expose him as the spineless coward, liar and fraud he actually is.
                          I'm aware there are no real knock down-arguments on forums, but nonetheless...


                          my posting is not pointless as you've shown clearly you stop at nothing. Secondly, I stick up for a good friend, though I doubt you know the meaning of the word "friend", the sick individual you are...

                          Huh, you challenged me on Bax?? Can you quote it, please? Besides, YOU recently WROTE on this forum YOU WERE NOT this "ReekievonNinjaKeekie"?:

                          Enlighten me, please, as it looks like you tend to FORGET YOUR LIES from yesterday

                          SPELLING my name WRONGLY because Rafael wrote it this way on Bax's forum is just another example for your ACTUAL "KNOWLEDGE" and its sources (Thanks, Raf, for spelling my name like that, as it has proven a point).

                          All the stuff you made up doesn't change a thing, and are just poor attempts to PROVOKE people get some REAL INFORMATION you so hardly want. Well, people don't go for your BAIT.

                          You don't really BOTHER to be exposed as a liar and fraud, maybe to some extent because the "CREDIBILITY" you need for the next forum suffers one more time, but not really agonize over it. Besides, Emin Boztepe doesn't know you.

                          You NEVER INTENDED to ever fight people, let alone meeting them. To set the RECORD STRAIGHT I told you my PHONE NUMBER AND LOCATION via private message, but nothing ever happened. The SAME with Rafael, John (Tommy's student), and many others, on this as well Tackett's forum. There exist private messages, e-mails and postings of all of this. Well, JKDGUY has has mentioned it in his posting above, too...

                          In your poor attempts to make politics you're even UNSCRUPULOUS enough to put some ILLEGAL ACTION into it, as changing original documents like e-mails, and sending them to other people.

                          Everyone has JUST to ASK Pat Strong who is a nice man with some integrity about the stuff you made up concerning the e-mails of his student.

                          No matter if you're a guy or gal, you're either a WELL-KNOWN PERSON or someone who takes a SERIOUS RISK by mentioning his real name.

                          Your set smoke screens about your true identity and lineage, by shooting against EVERYONE without exception. The fact you DON'T KNOW A THING lets assume you're either a 'lonesome (keyboard) warrior' or belonging to a BRANCH OF JKD which has ISOLATED itself from others and their knowledge....

                          I hope the existence of people who do their own thing in JKD are not a real threat to your existence, but let me tell you your hostile and poor trials of character assassination doesn't change a thing in JKD's land, especially not the REPETITION OF WELL-KNOWN TACTICS AND RHETORICS you come up all the time like "delusions of grandeur" (just read the e-mails to Rafael above), "dodging / ducking to questions", "self-proclaimed autority / expert", "PEOPLE know you / you're known by MOST as...", "I contacted the JKD organization xy and told them about you....", "pompous / pretentious and pseudo intellectual", "I predict in your next posting", blah blah blah ....

                          It also belongs to your TACTICS to address actions, attitudes and attributes YOU DISPLAY ALL THE TIME to other people (like setting smoke screens, hanging around on every JKD forum and posting a lot of useless shit, being predictable, etc.), TWISTING their words as we had you with Tim Tackett, etc. I'm not sure if you think you can FOOL people by that ??

                          I would say come back by finally telling our REAL NAME and AGENDA but this will NEVER happen !

                          I got your PRIVATE MESSAGE, but please don't send more to me, as I know you're unscrupulous enough to change stuff.


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                            Crusader ,

                            Once more you spout any old BS to avoid speaking about your martial arts training background - several times you have been asked & still no answers.

                            Whats more, I accurately predicted EVERYTIME you would spout any old BS to avoid revealing your training background.

                            EVERY single person here sees through your actions, blatantly transparent for all to see, and you fool and grand total of zero people.

                            Emin Boztepe would recognise and know me if he saw me again for sure, you know how many students he had in Germany alone? Actually, he left the EWTO he broke of contact with basically everyone in it, you were either for or against him, that was a good few years ago, and to remember every student he has had by name he must be MR Amazing Memory.

                            WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH POSTING YOUR MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING BACKGROUND???? EVERYONE ELSE READING THIS THREAD IS WONDERING THE SAME TOO - WHY IS CRUSADER (ANDREAS) GOING TO SUCH ELABORATE LENGTHS TO AVOID POSTING HIS TRAINING BACKGROUND???? If your background is indeed not so pathetic and limited, why not post it, what have you got to hide. As you are a real 'know it all' and fountain of all knowledge on JKD & BL (& self proclaimed one of the worlds greatest historians on JKD & BL) , why not post your extensive background & credentials for all to see???

                            PREDICTION again - he will not post his background & post instead a 'smokescreen' of long winded drivel to avoid revealing it, watch this space as they say................................................................ (haven't been wrong on my predictions yet, he is so predictable!)


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                              Blah blah blah blah blah blah lah

                              You take this stuff and yourself too serious, son