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If i was to train in STH Korea.Will they accept my ITF BLACK BELT?

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    ITFDespoja, you should be able to train in WTF dojangs even with just an ITF uniform, if you are staying there long term it would be understandable if they wanted you to wear one of their uniforms but if just visiting for a short while... a nice school will let you visit wearing your own uniform, I've done it at several different WTF schools. Maybe I just got lucky. On the flip side I always let visiting black belts from WTF wear their uniform and rank unless they want to officially join and stay. Then I just give them a uniform and they keep their black belt.

    Damian Mavis
    honour TKD Thailand


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      Yeah, I got to keep my black belt when I switched from ITF to WTF...but I have to get recognized by the kukkikwon(sorry 'bout spelling).
      I am now part of the WTF community so I had to get a WTF uniform...
      But at my old itf school, a guy wore his wtf uniform for about a month, I dont know why.
      I dont know if this question has been asked or answered, I tried to read all the posts, but they seemed to be fighting over whether korea is really that im not going to lie, i only read the first and the last post...but why would you want to go to korea just to get a black belt in WTF?
      arent there wtf schools in Australia?
      I would recommend going to korea, I want to go really badly, but just to get a belt that you can get in your home country???
      probably not. I would get my belt in WTF, then train in skorea. that way you are guareented to have a black belt in either style.